DIY for the Whole Family!

Now is the ideal time for DIY involving everyone in the family. Along with being a fun way to spend the extra time you have with your family at home, you’ll be surprised at just how much you can get done with simple tools and materials!

Outdoor and Garden Projects 

For the outdoorsy characters, birdhouses are a great way to get the whole family involved in a project.  Get the kids out and about in the garden, finding twigs, grass or stones to decorate a new house for their flying friends! Recycle your plastic bottles, cans or even teacups to construct a cosy home. Bonus points to the kids for painting or bedazzling them! 

If you are an expert DIY family, then level up and construct a beautiful wooden house for your chirpy companions. Organise an afternoon tea outdoors where the kids can learn about what birds eat: seeds, dried fruit and nuts; which are healthy for humans too!

Put out some mason jars with tealights in them around the garden, on outdoor tables or even hang them from a tree using old wire or clothes hangers! You could also craft some dresses or hats from felt, paper or any other materials lying around and hang them in the garden, to create your own outdoor clothes shop!

Indoor Projects

Maybe you know exactly what needs to be fixed or revamped in your house, but you have no idea what you need to fix it!  A very common DIY necessity is glue, and if you are looking for something to fix metal handles, bikes or furniture it can be daunting to pick one that will work. What type of glue you should use, how you use it and how to clean up any spills or mistakes are important things that you need to know before jumping into a project.  Getting to know types of metal glue will help clear up some questions you might have about what to use and how you can achieve the best results. As well

If a plastic toy or a broken handle needs some repairing, follow these step by step instructions for all kinds of home repairs, big and small, are detailed here. Pull out the dusty old box out of the attic where all of your forgotten objects have been put to rest, and breathe new life into what you already have!

If you’re searching for more family-friendly projects, look no further than Decoist’s handy 20 DIY projects with kids in mind. Feed your junior designer’s imagination with these wall prints, furniture ideas and crafty decorations. Remember to try and reuse, repurpose and recycle what you can around the house to incorporate an eco-friendly vibe into your crafts. Toilet paper rolls, bits of string, or old nail polish may come in very handy for an impromptu crafts session!. As well you can work with you family in the decoration of you home with house plants, but before that you do this is important that you visit a indoor plant store to get good all what you need.

All in all, family-friendly DIY projects are easier than you might think they are. Put your creative thinking hats on, and dive straight into a new exciting project today!

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