Working From Home: From Downtime activities to Remaining Motivated

If you’re not used to working from home, then doing so can represent something of a challenge of self-discipline. You’ll need to exercise a bit of mental energy to focus on the tasks at hand, especially if your household is bristling with distractions in the form of children, spouses, and family pets. What’s more, when you’re done with work, you might find it hard to totally unplug, as there may well be emails to answer and projects to oversee even after you’ve clocked off for the day.

Fortunately, working from home isn’t a new thing for a significant chunk of us, and thus there’s plenty of good advice floating around as to how to stay productive and motivated, and how to maintain a health balance between work and home life.

Let’s take a look at a few top tips of our own.

Don’t neglect downtime

Parcel2Go have penned a lengthy list of activities with which you might occupy yourself while you’re stuck indoors. These include physical activity and mental relaxation. Of course, the two are intimately linked – among the best ways to safeguard your mental health is to ensure that your body is in good shape, and that means regular exercise, even if it’s just low-intensity exercise like a daily walk.

Eliminate Distraction

If you’re working from home, there’s the ever-present threat of procrastination. Among the best things you can do to maintain continued productivity is to block social media sites and other sources of distraction, using a traffic-blocking app.

Use Pomodoro

The Pomodoro Technique is a method through which time can be managed it works by dividing your day into smaller chunks of productive time, usually around twenty-five minutes. By giving each stretch of working time your all, and breaking things up with short breaks, you can become a productivity master. Give it a try!

Measure Performance

The company’s head of operations, Phil Woodridge, took the opportunity in April to stress the importance of regularly checking in with staff to review performance. “We have weekly touchpoints set up with all staff to review how they are feeling, look at their performance and review any coaching/training needed,” he said in an internal interview. “We have full visibility on KPI’s and we allow our team to have them also to drive each other.”

If you’re working from home, then the pressure that comes with expectation might provide exactly the motivation required to get a job done. The work that you do will often expand to fill the available time, so establishing a deadline can heighten focus.

Have a Workspace

Your work should be conducted in an environment that’s free from distraction. That means setting aside a part of your home that’s dedicated to your work. If you don’t have a dedicated room that can serve as a study, then you might go for the next best thing by partitioning off a quiet corner with a screen, and investing in some noise-cancelling headphones.

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