If You’re Thinking About Moving, You Should Just Do It, According To Science

Every year, millions of people think about radically changing their lives. But the moment they do, worries start to enter their minds. They fear upending their lives and the challenge it will bring. Moving is a big deal. 

A lot of people sit on the fence for many years, worrying and wondering what to do. Part of them would love to move and try something different. But another aspect of themselves makes excuses: it’s too expensive, disruptive or far from family. Make it sure that you have a trusted a reliable and safe storage services like the ones at storage in east sussex that will secure your valuable belongings and possessions while you are on the process of moving. When moving people often forget to hire a moving company like the Green Van Lines operating in Dallas.

So what should you do? 

It sounds like a statement of the obvious, but the first step is to commit one way or another. Either commit to staying where you are and be happy with it. Or decide to move and get on with it. There’s no middle ground here. You must make peace with your current situation or act decisively to change it if you want to be happy. There are no alternatives. If you did decide to move, you should contact local movers Brampton so you know that your belongings are transported safely.

If You Want To Move, Do It

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Saying something like “if you want to move, do it” sounds flippant, if not wholly irresponsible. Moving to a new location is a significant life change, and it might not work out. There are risks involved, not to mention a lot of expenses. It is something that you need to take very seriously. 

But while all that is true, there’s a lot of research backing up the idea that people should make decisive life decisions if they’re on the fence. Often, they feel happier afterwards. 

Your level of risk aversion usually dictates your life chances and success. Some people wed themselves to their current situation, adapting to it, instead of going for the life that they want. Instead of thinking about what they could have, they fixate on what they might lose – and that puts them in a kind of stasis. They never move forward, even if they have the ability to do so. Instead of truly living their lives, they remain stuck in first gear, never really speeding up. 

However, researchers have looked into the question of which way people should go when they face an important decision. They’ve followed dozens of people who’ve made important life choices, like moving house to one of those country club homes for sale, and asked them whether it was worth it ten years later. For most people, it is. They find that they get more out of life when they take the plunge, rather than sitting still. Sometimes it makes sense, even if it just becomes a learning experience. 

By contrast, sitting doing nothing, wondering about your infinite potential is not fun. You have this gnawing sensation that you’re just wasting time, doing the same thing every day. You feel like your life should be much bigger and more exciting than it is right now. And that sensation isn’t a pleasant one. 

Making Excuses 

We’re very good at making excuses about our big decisions in life. We often talk about the risks. But rarely do we think about the shortness of our existence and how every moment counts. Not taking risks is a massive drag on your potential. It seems silly when you only have limited time anyway. Your health could take a turn for the worse at any point, so it doesn’t make sense to sit still if you have goals. You need to move forward, using whatever cunning and guile you have. 

Moving house is a big decision – we can all agree on this. But don’t fall into the trap of making excuses. The pandemic might have affected the real estate market, but that doesn’t mean moving is out of the question. In fact, now is an excellent opportunity because prices are likely to fall.

Think carefully about whether the obstacles you’re putting in your way are rational or not. Sometimes, it is easy to convince yourself that you can’t move for one reason or another, if marketing your listings becomes a problem, Showcase IDX can help you and you can try it out here. But is that really true? Would moving really be the end of your life as you know it? What would happen if God picked you up and put you in a new house halfway across the world? Would it be the disaster you imagine?

Moving can be scary for a variety of reasons. For instance, leaving friends behind can make you feel a little isolated and cut off from the rest of the world. And changing jobs is a big issue for a lot of people. But excuses are, ultimately, just that: excuses. There’s no reason you can’t make new friends. And there’s no reason you can’t find work. Millions of people have done it before. And you can too. 

Building Up The Courage To Move

Building the courage to move can be a challenge. But there are some mental tricks you can use to do it. 

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One thing you can do is think about your life more like an experiment and less like an itinerary. Parents, teachers, and religious leaders paint a romantic picture of the world. Our lives are supposed to follow a set trajectory, and everything’s meant to work out correctly. But that’s rarely how it works out in practice. Some people have a fairytale existence. But for the majority of people, it’s a lot of hard work, heartache and other problems. 

When you view your life as being on a “schedule,” you’re setting yourself up for a fall. Plus, you’ll do everything you can to prevent any adverse outcomes. You feel a need to keep your life running to plan. You don’t want to veer off course. 

Seeing your life an experiment, however, reveals the world in a new light. Instead of having to fulfill some criteria, you’re taking ownership of your existence and trialing new things. Sometimes they won’t work, but often they will. And when that happens, you suddenly realize that you have genuine agency in the world. You can take your life by the scruff of the neck and hoist it in the direction you want to go. 

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Be courageous. Follow your heart. And make the odd crazy choice. It’s good for you. 

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