Managing Working from Home with Toddlers

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re juggling your work-from-home situation with the ups and downs of parenting. While telecommuting definitely allows you to spend more time with your family, the Scotsman points out that this blessing can also become a curse when left unmanaged.

One of the difficult parts to working from home amidst a global health crisis is that we don’t know how long this arrangement will last; perhaps your company has already stated that remote operations will continue throughout the rest of the year. To help make the most of this situation and use it as a time to meaningfully bond with your family, below are a few key tips when it comes to managing your remote work with toddlers in tow.

Get up early

Managing work from home with toddlers requires a bit of scheduling on your part. To really practice working smart, get up earlier than usual to finish some tasks before your toddler wakes up. That said, don’t pressure yourself to get up at the crack of dawn just to get everything done: waking up one or two hours before your little one should be enough to give you a head start on the most important tasks of the day.

Don’t eat lunch at your desk

This tip is typically reserved for office workers, but it holds equally true for telecommuters. Meal times are opportunities for your family to physically get together and bond without the distractions. Although an occasional snack or cup of tea at your desk is okay, remember to step away from your work during meal times. This will give you quality uninterrupted time with your toddler.

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Take a quick outdoor stroll

Taking a 10 to 15 minute stroll outside can give both you and your baby a much-needed break from staying indoors, Instead you can also have a garden office so your kid has more time to play outside while you work. If you have more than one child (or are planning on another child) then you should look to get a pushchair that makes going out for quick trips as convenient as possible.

The double pushchairs and prams on iCandy show how many modern designs allow two children to sit in tandem while still giving them plenty of space. This allows you to keep face-to-face contact with your baby (which is recommended for 0-6 months) and lets your older child see and explore the world. And don’t forget that getting outdoors for some vitamin D is just as important for your health as theirs, so make it regular habit.

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Keep art materials close by

Sometimes all your little one wants is to be close to you, even if you’re busy working. Having a few art materials available near your desk gives your kids lots of opportunities to stay busy. ColourMazing’s craft kit is a top pick for creative tots, with the markers magically staying within the lines for a mess-free masterpiece. It’s always important to keep your kids supervised when they’re doing any kind of arts and crafts, but relying on kid-safe materials makes this task a lot easier for you to do so, as they can play while you work.

Ask for help when you need it

Last but not least, it’s important to remember that it truly takes a village to raise a child. Your partner should definitely be helping you take care of your little ones, but they’re not the only source of support you can rely on. Whether it’s scheduling Zoom dates with grandparents or leaning on parenting groups for advice, seeking help from people you trust allows you to take a step back when needed.

As discussed in our article ‘Ways to Boost Remote Working’, more of us are having to adapt to new working conditions. Working from home as a new mother can seem impossibly hard. And while having toddlers at home doesn’t make it easy, there are ways to create a perfect balance between looking after them and doing your work. We hope this article has helped.

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