How to renovate a house on a budget

Summer is a perfect time to renovate your home, especially when you notice cracks on your foundation that needs urgent Seismic Retrofitting Services. Summer is the season for vacation and relaxing. You can change the entire look and feel of your home with simple and cost-effective renovation. These regular renovations not only keep your home looking fresh and new, but it also adds to its value. You can renovate your house with projects like a house underpinning even if your budget is small. Adding something as cost effective as laminate flooring can make change the look of your house. They are durable and come in different styles and texture fit for every home. Some of the important renovations that you can consider getting done even on a budget during summer are discussed below.


Build a Deck

Summer is all about spending time outside. You should consider upgrading your backyard to spend some quality time with family and friends. Getting a deck is a good way of enjoying the cool summer breeze, especially if you give it solid base with some Residential concrete work. It is also an excellent investment for your barbeque parties. Make sure that you build a roof over your deck since water from rain can destroy the flooring, leading to a costly repair. With a professional custom deck company you can have a gorgeous outdoor space according to your needs, Sri Decks can include beautiful add-ons such as deck railing and stairs, patio covers, and even a pergola. Visit and see if they service your area. You can learn more about how a roof can protect your deck here. If your budget is less, you can consider getting a DIY bench installed. You can use concrete blocks or foam pads to construct the benches in your backyard. Outdoor lighting in the form of wrapping lights around trees is a great way to liven up your backyard. It can illuminate the backyard for late summer parties and make your place dazzle. You can place artistic pots in the backyard to give a more rustic and classier look to it. You can even add handicap friendly platforms on your deck like stairlifts and wheelchair lifts. T.L. Shield sells and installs stairlifts and wheelchair lifts in Los Angeles and other parts of California.

Liven the Bathroom

You are likely to spend more time in the bathroom during the summers. It is a good idea to liven the bathroom. Pale bathroom floor looks simple but they lack the vibrant feel. You can consider adding bright tiles to the floor and walls of the bathroom to make it more vibrant and colorful. Adding a glass shower door gives a more contemporary and luxurious look to your bathroom. Getting a shower cabin in your bathroom can make it appear bigger and more elegant. If your budget permits, you can consider installing a heated tower bar. Also it is important to see to it that all the damages in your bathroom are taken care of, according to these websites. This will ensure you always get a warm and cozy towel when you get out of the bath. 


Paint the House 

Painting is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of renovating your home on a budget. If you can find the time, most painting projects can be done on your own without hiring professionals. You can opt for bright colored paint for summers. Colorful and vibrant walls add to the vacation feeling that is generally associated with summer. Head to Quality Built Exteriors website if you need a reliable siding contractor. If your house’s walls have textured walls like stucco, you can find out here how to quickly and easily repair them with a bit of paint. You can also consider putting an additional coat of paint on your exterior walls to give a fresh and lively feeling. This stucco repair service in Edmonton will give the exterior of your home a fresh look.

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