Bookkeeping: Financial and Mental Benefits for you and your business

If you run your own business you are faced with many business activities that are a drain on time and mental state. It’s not easy being a business owner, otherwise everyone would be, right?

No doubt the biggest headache a business owner faces yearly is the annual record of income and business expenses gathered for their tax return to HMRC. This is usually put off right until the last minute due to the high levels of stress it induces on business owners even at the thought of tackling it. This also results in a loss of business throughout late January due to having to dedicate full amounts of time to do what needs to be done and not file a late return.

The results of doing it wrong can be equally stressful, as having accurate and regular records of business income and expenses is the difference between paying too much tax and making the easy mistake of putting through something that is not allowable.

Small businesses can not afford to generally pay an employee just to keep track of these items and definitely cannot find the time to keep on top of it themselves, so this is why outsourced bookkeeping services marvel at keeping you engaged with your work and stress free.

Retaining Time

Straight off of the bat a bookkeeper can give you back time by taking up all of the account updating that is required from a single day to a full year. The amount of hours it saves gives you a clear stress free focus on spending time on aspects of the business you are expert on and enjoy.

The longer you leave the task of bookkeeping, the larger it gets. By employing a bookkeeper Manchester you are ensuring that your records are kept up to date regularly and will be ready to hand off to your accountant in time for year’s end, maybe even prior to years end which puts you in good favour with your accountant.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is one of the most treasured luxuries you can have but it is so hard to attain on your own. 

A professional bookkeeper is someone who knows what they are doing and stays up to date on what can be claimed and what cannot so you have full comfort on not losing tax savings or claiming on areas that you shouldn’t be. A bookkeeper will always ask the questions and be able to communicate to you the differences of what goes where and how to get the best for your business going forward.

Remember, you’re their client and they want you to grow.


Having an external bookkeeper is a business expense, but any good bookkeeper will be able to efficiently identify cost savings and may be cheaper than you initially anticipate.

The expense in incurring late fines by not submitting correctly and on time is a princely sum, so having a bookkeeper onhandto keep you on top of schedule and submit saves you in the long run a heck of a lot more.

Bookkeeping is vital in getting it right as soon as possible to save you financially and mentally on the path to growing your business to a successful brand.

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