Join Bee Inspired LIVE April 2021

Join entrepreneurs from across the globe for an inspiring business event taking place 22-23 April, led by Queen Bee, Dani Wallace, fundraising for the FlyAnyway Foundation.

It’s lights, camera, action as the entrepreneurial hive hots up for a 2-day, all you can eat buffet to nourish your life and business to help you rise up out of lockdown. Global motivational speaker and award winning business leader of I Am The Queen Bee Movement (#IATQB) Dani Wallace, is inviting participants to banish the ‘zoom gloom’ with a fun-packed virtual event enlisting celebs, Olympians, journalists, and leading global coaches and mentors from every walk of life to inspire entrepreneurs worldwide in their business, personal and spiritual lives.

Covering everything from spiritual therapy, leadership and power, to less hustle, more success, and overcoming grief, Dani, who is renowned in the entrepreneurial world for her high energy awe-inspiring events is keen to kick start anyone battling with Covid fatigue into a new phase of growth, as she brings a true powerhouse of guests together to deliver 2 days of unique ‘edutainment’ whilst raising money for her charitable foundation, The FlyAnyway Foundation, which supports survivors of Domestic Abuse in building up businesses.

She said: We all know that working on yourself is the key to unlocking success in all areas of your life, yet when do we take time to actually bring all the elements of ourself together? When do we actually reflect on our health and wealth at the same time, or our productivity and personal lives in synergy? This event is about learning and laughter, business and spiritual development as we take people from lockdown lethargy into post lockdown positivity – and through inspiring those who are ready for more growth I also want to support those who truly need access to growth, survivors of domestic violence and so fundraising for The Fly Anyway Foundation is also a key driver of this event.”

This two day event will be hosted live from a TV studio in Coventry where Dani will be joined by over 25 other inspirational speakers, including; Olympian, British track and field athlete, Marilyn Okoro who will be sharing her story and insights on what competitive sport can teach us all about being in control of our own lives. Dani will also be joined by passive income strategist, Lisa Johnson and bestselling author and high ticket sales expert, Jane Baker who is helping business owners globally supercharge their sales – both of whom are 7 figure entrepreneurs and have been invited to join Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island later this year. Also joining the Queen Bee, will be #TheKingMaker Fidel Beauhill, The Modern Man Coach, Helping Men Find Themselves, After Divorce, Breakups or Midlife Crisis, bringing a male voice into the mix as he delves into understanding our emotions and relationships.

Both days play host to more fabulous speakers including branding fairy godmother JoJo Smith who will be sharing how to not be an average Joe, alongside Mamas Ignited founder Louisa Herridge talking about the importance of mums ditching their ironing board for a surfboard. Other topics covered include; Matrescence – the becoming of a mother, confident style, addictions, grief,  intuitive alignment, healing, spiritual alignment, lead a life with purpose, relationships, health, resilience, personal brand, strategy, self care… and much more.

Day 2 also involves a special ‘Media Matters’ panel debate led by award-winning PR Coach, Speaker and Founder of ChocolatePR Jo Swann who is passionate about helping more ambitious entrepreneurs be heard through the power of the media. Jo will be joined by national freelance journalist and former editor in chief at New magazine, Lebby Eyres, Sky journalist, broadcaster, and author, Nichi Hodgson, BBC Radio London and BBC The One Show Reporter Jacqueline Shepherd along with Talk Radio, Times Radio and Badass Women’s Hour Producer Jonny Seifert. The team will discuss the power of press, how more unheard voices can be heard in the media and pledges will be made around taking action to enable this to happen.

Following the success of Dani’s 2020 charity event, The Big Festoon, which helped to raise over £16K for domestic abuse charity, Women’s Aid, Dani is on a mission to make this event even bigger and better.

From the TV studio in Coventry the event will then be live streamed online to a global audience of ticket holders.  This content will then also be available as evergreen content for anyone who purchases a ticket post-event.

As a single mum of three, having been through a violent relationship, and being homeless and in thousands of pounds of debt Dani knows how much resilience and determination it takes to overcome your fears and go after your dreams. She has just moved into her dream family home, made possible by the growth of her business to 6 figures in just 18 months.

Ever since watching Bee Movie with her kids, Dani’s been on a mission to help others who shouldn’t be able to fly, fly anyway. That movie was like a wake-up call, she laughs. Bees shouldnt be able to fly. Their wings are too small to get their fat little bodies off the ground but bees fly anyway! They dont care about our laws of physics – and neither should we! My sole purpose is to help everyone I can to #flyanyway, by giving them the tools they need to do so.

Leader of the “I Am The Queen Bee Movement (#IATQB)” Dani is helping thousands across the world Show Up, Wise Up and Rise Up, with her free advice and motivational teachings and has delivered over 300 morning shows to her audience, streaming from her bedroom, spreading her motivational messages so that more people can step into their birthright of success and, like her, break negative generational patterns.

Tickets for Bee Inspired can be purchased via and corporate sponsorship is also available as part of the fundraising effort. For more information on sponsorship packages please contact

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