5 jobs you can do with a van

Refuel Your Career: The Best Van Job Opportunities

Tired of being sat at your desk all day? Fed up with staring alternately between your wall and work laptop from 9 to 5? There is no hiding that the past 18 months have forced many people to carry out their jobs from home. Quite simply, though, spending every workday indoors is not everyone’s cup of tea. As such, some workers have been motivated to reinvent their careers and embrace new adventures.

In this respect, Van Ninja has complied the best van occupations you may want to switch to, especially if you are keen on getting out and about a bit more. Data about salaries and industry opportunities has been collected from leading sources such as Reed, Indeed, and Statista.

First of all, you can hop into a Vauxhall van and become a courier – you’ll never be out of work. According to Statista, over 2.8 billion parcels were delivered in the UK in the fiscal year 2019/20. Delivery company Hermes, for instance, dropped off about 3.5 million parcels on 1st December 2020 alone. Moreover, the work schedule can be quite flexible. Couriers can expect to be on the road between 30 and 40 hours a week.

If you are looking for fun and creative adventures, dog grooming and street food vending are both appealing career paths. 26% of Brit adults are estimated to be dog owners, and the need for dog groomers to freshen up scruffy pooches is rising. In fact, the industry has grown by 170% since 2005. As for aspiring chefs, there are many reasons to get involved in the street food revolution. Start by completing a food safety assessment and grabbing a food hygiene qualification.

Van Ninja also identified ‘plumbing’ as a great van profession. CHAS found that manual trades such as plumbers were in high demand in 2020. Ultimately, their skillsets will always be in high demand. In fact, as of 11th October 2021, 2,427 plumbing jobs across the UK had been advertised on Indeed. That’s not to mention that the salary is very inviting too – according to Reed, a plumber can expect to earn on average about £34,751 per year.

Seeking a different profitable opportunity? Total Jobs reports that painters, on average, tend to take home £27,000 every year. This is no surprise when you consider that, as suggested by Anglian Home Improvements research, homeowners in the UK will redecorate their house 36 times during their lifetime.

If you wish to revolutionise your career, there are several van occupations that would have more colour than your current, grey workdays. Here is a detailed infographic that includes salary expectations, typical day-to-day duties, and useful stats.

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