Getting the Most Out of Your Home Office

Working from home has become something of a new normal in many industries in the UK, as companies continue to building on the remote-working infrastructure they instituted as a result of coronavirus pandemic restrictions.

Today, worker freedoms are greater than ever, with remote working providing numerous benefits from reduced commuter costs to increased flexibility with hours. But creating the right working space at home can be difficult; what can you do to get the most out of your home office?

Adding Light

One of the biggest favours you can do for yourself when it comes to your home office is to let the light in. Natural light can give you a significant boost in both mood and productivity, with studies indicating that concentration is improved when we have greater access to sunlight throughout the day.

Of course, natural light alone isn’t necessarily enough for our day-to-day office needs. Ambient lighting can be hugely useful for curating a comfortable space, with spot lighting and desk lamps allowing you to illuminate your work more directly. Your lighting choices should reflect your style instincts just as much as your professional needs, in order to facilitate a space that you not only work effectively in, but that you enjoy working in.

Choosing the Right Furniture

Your home office should not be an exercise in compromise; it is all too easy to settle in to using the furniture you already had to hand, even if that furniture is uncomfortable and not well-suited for your space or needs. Many of us are still making do with the dining room chair for our office seating – which will not be doing us any favours in terms of posture…

 Putting a little money aside to invest in some proper office furniture can make an overwhelmingly positive difference to your space’s functionality, and even to your health. Fitted home office furniture allows you to make the most out of your space, no matter the size or shape; it can also allow you to factor in your preferred working height, enabling you to fix posture issues and work comfortably throughout the day.

A Personal Touch

You may have noticed a theme forming here. In working from home, you get to finely attune your space to your own personal needs and wants – something you should lean into fully for maximum effect. Personal effects are a common sight on desks and in cubicles at work; your home office presents an opportunity to more fully express yourself, from framed photos of family to your own choice of colour scheme.

Keeping It Well-Organised

Lastly, though you are working from home, and you have the freedom to treat your home office however you’d like, it is important to retain an air of professionalism in your space – both for your own benefit, and for any potential video meetings you might join.

With this in mind, it is vital that you keep your home office well-maintained. Documents and files should have a home, as should any equipment or stationery. If everything has a place, clutter is minimised and your office remains conducive to productive work.

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