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[ 16 Oct 2012 | No Comment ]

Erica and I discuss a lot of stuff that’s not business. Sex, drugs and rock n’roll, life the universe and everything: we’ve chewed it over, on the phone, by email, when sharing a room at business conferences and even during a retreat. Since starting ACEInspire, we’ve gone beyond what most business partners discuss, and our new website, ACE Vie is the outlet for all that.

If you’re like us, you’ve probably got many and diverse interests. Did you know Erica loves the King of Rock, Elvis, while Antonia’s a fan of …

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[ 24 Sep 2012 | No Comment ]
Promote Your Gift Biz/Products in Supportive Business Mums Christmas Gift Guide for only £10

Last Year’s Christmas Gift Guide was a huge success bringing in lots of traffic and click through’s to many small businesses. Here at Supportive Business Mums we are dedicated to helping small businesses and we’d love to help you gain more sales this Christmas and we’ve come up with an awesome promotion opportunity for you!
Who Is It For?
• Gift, Clothes, Shoes, Bath & Beauty, Homewares, Toys, Jewellery, Online Retail Businesses
• Individual Hand Crafted Gift Makers / Crafters
• Authors and Publishers
• Ideal Christmas Gift Suppliers
Promote Your Products in our popular Christmas Gift Guide …

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[ 7 Sep 2012 | No Comment ]
Last Chance to Join the Mum Bloggers E-Course

At 9pm tonight we will be closing membership to the Mum Bloggers E-Course.
If you haven’t signed up already do so now so you don’t miss out!
You can join us here.
* Given me confidence that my blog is going to be done ‘properly’
* Helped me understand many of the technical terms
* Shown me things (like SEO) that will improve my blog
* I’m confident that I can ask the stupidest of questions!
* Responses to questions are forthcoming in a quick turn-around
* Until I started the course, I didn’t realise such support existed …

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[ 18 Jul 2012 | No Comment ]
What does improving your blog mean to you?

Yesterday we talked about ‘improving your blog’, but what does that mean to you? For some people it is all about the interaction – do you want more comments on your blog or more people signing up to follow it. You might be unsure about some of the basics – how often to blog, how to embed images or create video content. Or you might want to make money from your blog. Take a moment to consider what would make your blog better.
The Advanced Blogging Action Pack will help you …

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[ 16 Jul 2012 | No Comment ]

We just wanted to let you all know that we have made the top three business blogs on the ebuzzing chart this month! We want to say a big thank you for your continued support as without it we wouldn’t have made it!
Although charts aren’t the reason we blog, it is great to see that people are seeing the information we are posting and hopefully it is helping some to start and develop their own family friendly working.
Here is the top 5 business blogs on this months ebuzzing chart:

Birds on …

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[ 26 Jun 2012 | No Comment ]

We feel extremely privilidged to be hosting this months Britmums Blog Carnival. As  many of you will no doubt be still recovering from the fantastic Britmums Live event of last weekend, why not have a read of some of the bloggers stories of why the became a WAHM, SAHM or returned to work after having their children.
Henry’s Mummy talks about returning to work for the first time since her maternity and how she felt, Geek Mummy tells us her typical week at work and BabyBishBosh tells us why she has …

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[ 23 Jun 2012 | No Comment ]
What’s Britmums Live All About?

If you’re not at Britmums Live, you might wonder what everyone is tweeting and blogging about this weekend. Around 500 mums, and a few dads, are all at The Brewery conference centre in London, learning more about blogging. I’m writing this from the event – listening to a talk by Erica Douglas about making money from your blog. Today you could have learnt about Pinterest, writing your own eBook (that was the session I ran), blogging for happiness, Facebook for bloggers etc. The learning part of the event is great, and I’ve …

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[ 6 Jun 2012 | No Comment ]
co owner of aceinspire

The term ‘lifestyle business’ has negative connotations, but why? Who doesn’t want a life!
The term has been given bad press and all too often conjures up images of ‘hobby businesses’ that make no money. Mention that you run a lifestyle business and you’re likely to attract a patronising smile and comments like ‘it must be nice to earn some extra pocket money’. To which, a REAL lifestyle business owner will either a) wander off chuntering ‘bloody pocket money’ under their breath or b) walk away smug in the knowledge they’ve …

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[ 30 May 2012 | No Comment ]
co owner of aceinspire

On the 5th June I’ll have been blogging for 6 years.  I’ve blogged for fun.  I’ve blogged for money.  I’ve blogged for business.  I’ve written eCourses on blogging and even had a book published.  They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert on a topic.  There isn’t much I haven’t seen, tried, done, read about when it comes to blogging.
Over the years I’ve watched people start blogs and it’s been the launch pad to freelance careers, publishing deals, businesses.  I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve seen the …

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[ 14 May 2012 | No Comment ]

Antonia Chitty and Erica Douglas have recently launched their comprehensive new Blogging book, Blogging The Essential Guide, which is full of useful and easy to use information and ideas on blogging.
This easy to follow book has received rave reviews since being launched, here are a few examples of what people have been saying,
“Seriously though, the book is really great – it’s got everything you need to start blogging and there are some nifty tips for old timers too.  It’s clear, concise and beautifully presented. It’s not padding and waffle – …