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[ 18 Apr 2017 | No Comment ]

Finalists in the Working Mum of the Year & Entrepreneur of the year categories of Pitman Training’s SuperAchievers awards have been announced today, after hundreds of nominations from across the globe were submitted, to the business superbrand.
Celebrating its 180th year Pitman Training is marking this milestone with the opportunity to give back to the working parents community, to help reward people committed to driving their careers forward in a bid to inspire more of the British workforce to strive for more.
The three finalists revealed in the working mum of the …

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[ 13 Apr 2017 | No Comment ]

TV SHOWS such as Dragons Den and their panel of business giants are inspiring a new generation of job seekers, according to new research.
A survey of 2,012 British adults published in the Careers on the Box report by Fletchers Solicitors has revealed that more than 1 in 4 (27%) millennials have considered starting a business as a result of watching a TV show or film.
35% of those aged 18-30 confessed to taking inspiration for their career path from their favourite TV shows and box sets, with business and law among …

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[ 11 Apr 2017 | No Comment ]

New research by the Money Advice Service shows that talking to children about money and giving them experience of making money decisions could be as important as saving for their future.
Parents should include their children in discussions about money from age four to give them the best chance of being financially secure in later life, it has emerged.
Findings from a report released by the government-backed Money Advice Service, demonstrate a worrying lack of money skills among the UK’s children and young people. Millions of Britain’s young people are set to …

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[ 6 Apr 2017 | No Comment ]

In a backlash against the trend of being constantly logged on to the internet, 65% of people would like to take time away from the internet.
In today’s world, almost everyone has a digital footprint – 88% of the population uses the internet, and 99% of adults aged between 16 and 24 years are recent internet users[1]. However there has been a retaliation against the almost constant use of smartphones and digital devices. Cartridgesave has looked at the trend of “digital detoxing”, and discovered that 65% of people have admitted that …

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[ 2 Apr 2017 | No Comment ]

Losing a job creates a ‘new normal’ for our wellbeing that never goes back to pre-unemployment levels, a new international study reveals. 
Unemployment is damaging to people’s wellbeing regardless of their age, gender, level of education, ethnicity or part of the country in which they live. a new study the looks at the impact of unemployment across a number of countries found that joblessness tops even divorce or widowhood in its impact on our life satisfaction. And the evidence shows we do not ever adapt to unemployment.
The longitudinal study of 24,000 …

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[ 31 Mar 2017 | No Comment ]

A lycra-clad flash-mob is descending on the capital today, showing off their collective dance moves in support of flexible working.
The stunt, which takes place at midday, aims to raise awareness around flexible working and its benefits- particularly for parents of young children.  It is the latest in a series of flash dances, organised by parenting blog MotherPukka in conjunction with workspace provider Regus, which have taken place across the UK in a bid to take the flexible working message nationwide.
Hundreds of people are expected to take  part, stretching, dancing and …

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[ 29 Mar 2017 | No Comment ]

Baby charity Group B Strep Support is hugely disappointed by the recommendation of the UK National Screening Committee that the Government should not introduce routine screening of pregnant women for group B Strep.
Group B Streptococcus (GBS or Strep B) is the UK’s most common cause of life-threatening infection in newborn babies – causing sepsis, meningitis and pneumonia.
Group B Strep is carried by around 20-30% of the population and, on average, in the UK:

2 babies a day develop group B Strep infection
1 baby a week dies from group B Strep infection
1 baby …

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[ 28 Mar 2017 | No Comment ]

Young Women’s Trust research has found that 46 per cent of mums aged under 25 in the UK regularly miss meals in order to provide for their children and more than a quarter have used a food bank due to financial struggles.
Polling of more than 300 mums by Survation showed that money is tight, with 61 per cent saying they were only just managing financially. A third admitted to being worried about their financial situation, with one in ten being “extremely worried”. Often, the barriers young mothers face in finding …

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[ 16 Mar 2017 | No Comment ]

Hot-desking has seen a huge growth as a flexible working solution over the last few years. Hot-desking offers the opportunity to cut the costs of running an office by up to 30%, and it’s not hard to see why many businesses across a range of industries have been enticed by the hot-desking model.
Aside from the financial gains, with employees sitting away from their respective teams/departments, it is believed that hot-desking allows employees to build connections and create collaborating opportunities with other employees they do not often engage with. Moreover, as …

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[ 11 Mar 2017 | No Comment ]

The Fatherhood Institute is encouraging dads to go it alone, and take parenting leave to look after their baby.
In a new book published this month, academics from around the world explore fathers’ experiences of substantial ‘solo care’, finding that such dads form closer long-term relationships with their children. They relish their competence as a parent, take much more responsibility for housework and care of the home – and this period of solo caring seems to be a tipping point, offering considerable potential for greater gender equality in the home. Read …