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[ 15 Jul 2019 | No Comment ]

The workforce is changing as more people swap the security of a 9-to-5 job for the flexibility of freelancing, with key demographics and industries leading the self-employed sector, according to Instant Offices.
In fact, the number of female freelancers has grown by 55% since 2008. New mothers choosing to take up freelance work rather than return to full-time office employment post-baby has shot up by 79%. Comparatively, the number of men freelancing has grown by 36% in the same time frame.
Millennials and UK workers facing significant lifestyle changes, such as motherhood, …

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[ 10 Jul 2019 | No Comment ]
Source: Pixabay

Workers are more likely to settle quickly at smaller businesses, according to detailed research. Forty-one per cent of employees working for businesses with a staff force of less than 50 employees admitted they were welcomed with open arms on their first day. And those entering a smaller workforce claimed to feel settled a week faster than those entering larger organisations with more than 250 employees. The poll of 2,000 office workers and HR specialists also found 56 per cent of small business workers were pleased to see their workstation all …

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[ 8 Jul 2019 | No Comment ]

The weather is improving, the Government  is pouring £1.2 billion into cycling*, yet new research has revealed that it is still only a slim few who are cycling to work, with many citing nervousness about cycling in traffic as the reason.
A survey of more than 7,600 UK adults published by Decathlon in the Decathlon Activity Index 2018, shows that only 7% of the nation is commuting to work with a bike.
Despite cities including Manchester, Cambridge and London having made drastic changes to accommodate cycling, more than 1 in 4 (26%) …

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[ 26 Jun 2019 | No Comment ]

The average person in the UK checks their phone every 12 minutes, cementing the fact that smartphones are engrained within 21st century culture.  It is not just social media that is at our fingertips as work emails and office-based tools are just a click away.  In the quest to create a relaxed office environment, many are arguing that such a workplace culture paves the way to having no work boundaries at all.  Research from Glassdoor reveals that the average UK employee sacrifices 6.5 days of their holiday entitlement each year …

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[ 24 Jun 2019 | No Comment ]

New research among more than 2,000 UK adults commissioned by Fountech.ai has revealed why so many people are giving up on their ambitions to learn something new. It found:

58% of UK adults wanted to learn a new skill over the past 12 months – equivalent to 30 million people across the country

However, of those, only 46% actually acted on their desire to learn a new skill, and a further 26% never reached the level they wanted

So, what is preventing Britons from picking up new skills? Fountech’s research revealed:

63% feel it is too …

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[ 21 Jun 2019 | No Comment ]

  Your Name and Age: Lucy Werner 36 and Hadrien Chatelet 34
Tell us about your family: We are parents to Rafael nearly 23 months and boy bump
What did you do before coming up with your business idea and how was it making the transition?
I used to work in some of London’s top PR agencies but left to create an affordable PR service for entrepreneurs. In the beginning I had a three-year growth plan but had a baby in year two which changed things somewhat. With our first child we took shared parental leave and I …

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[ 17 Jun 2019 | No Comment ]

Earlier this year, the Alison Rose Review identified the three biggest opportunities to help female entrepreneurs, which included “…relatable and accessible mentors and networks”.  Since 2003 the NatWest everywoman Awards has been providing exactly this by building a community of the UK’s leading female business owners and connecting them with peers, advisors and investors.
Today the Awards invite nominations from a new intake of businesswomen whose vision and industry have seen their companies grow from fledgling startups into profitable organisations.  Renowned as one of the most prestigious business awards, previous …

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[ 9 Jun 2019 | No Comment ]

It’s a small step for Volvo Cars, but a big leap for parents across Europe and elsewhere: the Swedish car maker today launches a paid gender-neutral parental leave policy for all sales company employees in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa), offering mothers and fathers a total of six months of leave with 80 per cent pay.
The new Volvo Cars policy is more generous and inclusive than most existing national parental leave policies in Europe and is the first of its kind in the car industry.
The new policy …

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[ 3 Jun 2019 | No Comment ]

Millions of British workers have aspirations of becoming their own boss – but the vast majority think they will never make it happen, according to research.
Despite 46 per cent of Brits harbouring entrepreneurial ambitions, a massive 82 per cent worry they’ll never have a chance to follow their dream.
More than one in 10 even feel they have a winning business idea so big it could change an entire industry, if they could only bring it to life.
But initial start-up costs, anxiety over the success of the business and a lack …

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[ 22 May 2019 | No Comment ]

    Cuckooz Nest, London’s flexible workspace with an integrated creche has hit their funding objectives of £100,000, with women still leading the way on investment but a parentally balanced 52% to 48% split between female and male investors.
The brainchild of co-founder and mother Charlie Rosier and her business partner Fabienne O’Neill, Nest looks to overcome the current issues both women and men face when wanting to return from maternity leave at their own pace and was born from the frustrations Charlie faced looking for childcare after the birth of her first …