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[ 22 May 2019 | No Comment ]

    Cuckooz Nest, London’s flexible workspace with an integrated creche has hit their funding objectives of £100,000, with women still leading the way on investment but a parentally balanced 52% to 48% split between female and male investors.
The brainchild of co-founder and mother Charlie Rosier and her business partner Fabienne O’Neill, Nest looks to overcome the current issues both women and men face when wanting to return from maternity leave at their own pace and was born from the frustrations Charlie faced looking for childcare after the birth of her first …

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[ 16 May 2019 | No Comment ]

The proliferation of digital devices means that we’re constantly connected to the office wherever we might be, making it difficult to switch off from work and increase stress levels even more than it should. Last year, the Office of National Statistics released figures that revealed three million UK employees work more than 48 hours a week, a rise of a quarter of a million since 2001
Whether it’s a two-week holiday or a twenty-minute respite at lunch, Lucinda Pullinger, Global Head of HR at Instant Offices explains why it is important for workers to …

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[ 10 May 2019 | No Comment ]

Business expenses for the self-employed: join an HMRC webinar to find out what business expenses are, what is and isn’t allowable and how using simplified expenses can save you time.
Choose a date and time
Car expenses for the self-employed: If you use a car in your business, you can find out about simplified expenses, calculating the actual costs, leasing a car and personal contract purchases.
Choose a date and time
Additional support can be found in our online guide to self-employed business expenses.
The HMRC Online Customer Forum is also a good place to go …

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[ 9 May 2019 | No Comment ]

Researchers polled 2,000 homeowners and found, from a list of life stresses, respondents chose moving house (40 percent) as more stressful than most other life events, such as getting divorced (34 percent), having a baby (31 percent), starting a new job (27 percent) and organising a wedding (25 percent).
In fact, the only life event which came higher in the stress stakes, was a bereavement, according to the poll. Over a third (34 percent) of movers suffered severe anxiety during their last move, while a massive forty percent were left depressed and the same …

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[ 7 May 2019 | No Comment ]

Nominations now open for the 2019 Barclaycard everywoman in Retail Awards
The 2019 Barclaycard everywoman in Retail Awards programme is now open, welcoming nominations from the industry’s exceptional talent. From the young, rising stars, to the long-standing leaders and pioneering entrepreneurs, individuals at all stages of their career journeys are invited to nominate themselves or others. By showcasing their success stories, they will inspire a new generation of female talent to pursue a rewarding career in this fast-evolving industry.
Retail is changing at an unprecedented rate making it one of the most …

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[ 1 May 2019 | No Comment ]

If you have a to do list which seems never ending, you’re not alone. Three quarters of mums are struggling to find the time to plough their way through a string of arduous ‘life admin’ tasks, according to a survey. A poll of 2,000 mothers with children aged 16 and under found the average mum has 20 things on her to do list.
It also emerged a huge 43 per cent haven’t even had time to visit the doctor, due to life ‘getting in the way’. And a further one in …

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[ 30 Apr 2019 | No Comment ]

The UK’s thriving creative industries are being undermined by late payments. Findings2 from business finance company MarketInvoice reveal that 48% of businesses in the creative industries were paid late in 2018.
Businesses that make up the creative industry are typically smaller companies (usually agencies and consultancies) that provide services to a range of sectors from TV and film to design and publishing. These smaller firms are typically beholden to lengthy payment terms meaning they must wait upwards of 90 days before their invoices are paid.
In 2018, a typical invoice worth £38,137 …

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[ 29 Apr 2019 | No Comment ]

Appointing a female CEO has a significantly positive effect on non-family firms’ performance, but a negative impact on family businesses, according to new research from emlyon business school.
The study, conducted by Tawhid Chtioui, Professor & Dean at emlyon business school Africa, alongside colleagues Prof. Mehdi Nekhili and Prof. Héla Chakroune*, evaluated the impact of appointing a female CEO or Chair on a firm’s performance, for both family and non-family firms. The researchers sampled 394 French firms over the period of 2001-2010, and reviewed the appointments made to CEO and Chair …

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[ 26 Apr 2019 | No Comment ]

A recent study conducted by Love Energy Savings discovered that 8% of British employees work a staggering 20 hours or more each week than their contracted hours.
Our survey of UK workers found that over 35% of employees regularly arrive at work early or stay late, and that younger people are more likely to work longer hours than their older colleagues.
By neglecting a healthy work-life balance, employees risk mental and physical health problems. Explore why the UK is addicted to work – and what employers can do to help.
Demographic differences
The data …

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[ 25 Apr 2019 | No Comment ]

The U.K.’s small and medium sized firms make up 99.9% of the UK’s private sector businesses, employ nearly three-fifths of its workforce and account for 48% of the turnover. But full-on pursuit of commercial success may be putting owners and employees of these businesses at increased risk of ill health and burnout. Described as a type of stress, office burnout can manifest itself as a state of physical, emotional or mental exhaustion combined with doubts about your competence and the value of your work.
Unfortunately, long working hours are often embedded into SME …