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[ 18 Aug 2013 | No Comment ]

If you’ve grown your own small business, it can be hard to find somewhere to sell it on when the time comes. We can help.
If you start a business that fits round the family, there can come a time when it doesn’t fit any more. Whether you want to move back into employment, or you have a new business idea that you want to test, you need to sell your business.
Family Friendly Working reaches thousands of working parents, mumpreneurs and those interested in starting to work for themselves.For a small …

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[ 12 Aug 2013 | No Comment ]

The Lactivist empire is for sale. Founder Lisa says, “Lactivist has a terrific potential for growth and profit but I’m not the best person to take it to the next level, it needs to be run by someone with fresh energy. You might looking for an opportunity to work from home and around the needs of your family. You might be looking to add a new product line to your established business. You might want to give their shop a head start by acquiring an extensive and loyal customer base. You …

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[ 29 May 2013 | No Comment ]

Running a party at home is a great way to spend quality time with your friends and a fun way to earn some extra income or build a business. Here Rachel from Bella Accessories talks about how to run a successful party at home.
“Firstly it’s a fun way to get friends together!  Bella parties are like a pop-up shop at your home. Once a date has been secured, we send a confirmation email to our host along with  invitations. We ask the host to make a guest list so that …

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[ 23 May 2013 | No Comment ]

Company Name: Bella Accessories
Bella Accessories is a social selling business that creates flexible entrepreneurial opportunities for women.  Style Consultants sell fashion accessories through parties at home, pop-up shops in the work place, fairs, charity events and coffee mornings.  The products are fashionable and affordable and there is no pressure to do the “hard sell”.  Monthly incentives keep the team motivated however there are no sales targets and Consultants choose the hours they work to suit their individual lifestyle.
Business partners Anna and Rachel have proven the concept works.  They have been style consultants for two years and earn …

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[ 18 Apr 2013 | No Comment ]

Company Name:   SPICE All Things Nice for You and Your Home
Description : New and exciting Party Plan Company with a diverse product range that has something for everyone.
Hours you might need to work to make it succeed : 1-2 evenings per week would give a potential income of £300+ a month.
Skills : We are looking for positive, honest and self motivated ladies who enjoy meeting people and are confident in themselves.
Date Established: September 2012
What You Offer: Direct selling
Initial Start up Costs:  A £50 deposit gives the use of a …

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[ 10 Oct 2012 | No Comment ]

Do you run a family business and work with members of your family?
Are you facing any challenges or dilemmas connected to your business and family?
Are you worried about the future of your company? Finding it hard in the current economic conditions?
Whatever your situation we want to hear from you!
To find out more please contact Celia at Twofour on 0207 438 1918 or e mail celia.frayne@twofour.co.uk

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[ 18 Sep 2012 | No Comment ]

With the kids now settled back into school life you may be wondering what you can do with yourself? Getting a job that fits in around school hours can be difficult to find so why not look into starting your own business?
There are two fantastic new ecourses being launched this week, one today and one on Thursday!
Bianca Forbes is hosting a free webinar on how Start Your Online Business for Mums in 30 Days!
In this event Bianca will be sharing:

How to choose the right online business for you so you …

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[ 6 Aug 2012 | No Comment ]

In the first part of Antonia’s direct selling guide we covered the first 6 ideas on direct selling, in this second part, we will explore 6 more ideas on direct selling and how it could work for you.

      Are customers likely to return to buy their favourite products again and again, or would purchases be a one-off? If you have a product that is a one-off or only appeals to a certain age group (baby products are an obvious example) you’ll need to keep on finding new customers. …

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[ 4 May 2012 | No Comment ]

Sue Atkins, the author of Parenting Made Easy – How to Raise Happy Children, is looking for mums or dads to become sales consultants for her products.
So if you are looking to earn some extra money and are passionate about about raising happy healthy children, then this may interest you.
All sales consultants will get order forms, business post cards, and some sample CD packs. All you need to do is tell people about these amazing products and in return you will earn 30% commission as well as discounted products for …

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[ 11 Mar 2012 | No Comment ]
Book: The Mumpreneur Guide

If you would love to have a flexible business yet are unsure where to start, take this chance to find out all about how The Mumpreneur Guide can help YOU create the work/life balance you need and contribute to the family income.