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[ 30 Oct 2015 | No Comment ]

If you’ve written a business book there are many ways to publish it; looking for a traditional publisher, working with an independent or going it alone. According to Sue Richardson of SRA Books in order to decide on the best publishing route, you first need to understand what you want to achieve. For example, if you want to sell copies at the back of the room, it can be expensive to buy them from a traditional publisher. On the other hand if it’s vital that your book appears in airport …

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[ 5 Jan 2015 | No Comment ]
How to understand if word of mouth is working for your business

As everyone knows – word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool. It can bring customers to you in their droves, but just as easily it can turn them away. So how can you ensure that it’s working effectively for you?
Dominic Kitchin from The Science of Buying has some advice to help you use word of mouth to build your business:
 As daunting as this may seem, it is possible to start and grow a business almost entirely through word-of-mouth.
For example, Zappos, the online clothing and shoe retailer, attributes much of …

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[ 26 Nov 2014 | No Comment ]

How do you react when you see a typo? Are you irritated? Do you laugh? We all react differently to mistakes, errors or defects.
According to Kieran Hearty, author of ‘How to Eat the Elephant in the Room’ this difference is important to understand if you run a business, especially one whose future depends on the motivation and commitment of its people.
Kieran calls it ‘typo intolerance’.
We are all different, but do we value these differences? We are more likely to judge the differences between us, and rarely in a positive way. …

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[ 1 Oct 2014 | No Comment ]

You can have the best business in the world, but if no-one knows about it, nothing happens. Here are five tips to help you spread the word.
1. Make a list! Take time at the start to put all your promotion ideas on a piece of paper, a white board, your phone – wherever you check in regularly. If you have five minutes to spare it can be hard to come up with a quick way to promote your business, but if you have the list you can easily pick something …

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[ 18 Jun 2014 | One Comment ]

 Writing a decent press release is a noble art. Well, when I use the word art, the reality is usually as corporate as creative. And when I use the word noble, the truth is often that they make money, rather than morals. Usually.
That said, a good press release can be a fantastic way to gain exposure for your business or company. With the greatest product or service in the world and a finely tuned, flashy website, you may still discover that you aren’t getting the traffic you deserve. A press …

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[ 24 Apr 2014 | No Comment ]

Did you read ‘People buy from people’ by Wendy Shand? The article was full of great tips from Wendy’s experience with promoting TotstoTravel. Sarah Sadler is the Managing Director of Boxhouse Publishing, and founder of the Organised Mum range of clever calendars and home stationery. She has very different views on good business promotion, and here she shares what’s worked for her.
I have absolutely no interest on spending my time getting my face printed on the back side of a bus or anywhere else for that matter.  I’ve never entered a …

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[ 27 Nov 2013 | No Comment ]

If you’ve got a business, working with bloggers to spread the word might seem like a great idea, but how do you go about it? Here are five steps to help you.
1. Think about your target audience. Who do you want to reach? If your business is UK wide, you might have a wide group of bloggers to contact. If you only want to reach mums in a certain locale, your list will be shorter.
2. Is your business right for each blog? A blanket approach will lose you good will: …

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[ 9 Nov 2013 | No Comment ]

I’ve written some tips for Sage about business promotion as part of their Sage Business Expert programme. Pop over and read the tips at the Sage Blog.
The tips cover PR, Advertising, Online marketing and more – plus you can browse other articles from Sage Business Experts.

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[ 26 Feb 2013 | No Comment ]

Firstly, what is USP?
Well your USP is your Unique Selling Points. Your unique selling points are the points which make your business or service different or ‘unique’ from other companies and if used to promote your business or service will attract the right customers to you.
Now you may think you already know all the points which make you business different from the rest but a great way to find out what you may have missed is to ask friends and family what they think.
Also another way to pin point your …

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[ 30 Jan 2013 | No Comment ]

January is a great time for planning your PR throughout the year. If you need some inspiration to come up with an angle for your press releases, we’ve compiled some of the things which you might want to include throughout the year:

Seasons – You can also tie in a press release with a holiday or special occasion. Could your business do something related to Valentines Day, Fathers Day or school holidays?
Charity work – Do not hide your light under a bushel if your business is making a donation to charity. …