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[ 13 Nov 2011 | No Comment ]

Energizer are hoping to inspire the nation to make a positive impact and give something back to the heroic service men and women who put theirs lives on the line and give so much for their country.
Energizer have pedged to donate £100,000 to H4H and a further £20,000 if a Facebook likes target is reached. They believe everyone has the power to make a difference  aand this is all part of the Be a Hero campaign.
Energizer are also sponsoring wounded soldier Lane Corporal Jonathon ‘Frenchie’ Le Galloudec, who was shot …

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[ 1 May 2011 | One Comment ]
Career vs Children: Do Parents Get a Choice?

Right now, the government has created proposals to alter the current maternity and paternity leave system. Dads could get more leave, taking over a proportion of the mother’s leave if she chooses to go back to work after 20 weeks. And small firms employing 10 staff or less could get an exemption from offering some maternity and paternity rights.  From my point of view, the first proposal has lots to recommend it, while the second is scary and could drive mums back to work before they and their baby are …

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[ 4 Mar 2011 | No Comment ]
Family Friendly and Flexible working – the new norm?

Recent research into attitudes to working mothers suggests it is time businesses started to embrace flexible working.

Recently, deputy prime minster Nick Clegg criticised Britain’s ‘Edwardian’ system of parental leave for working mothers and fathers. He said it was based on a ‘view of life in which mothers stay at home’. Sadly, it seems that too many employers share that view.

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[ 6 Dec 2010 | No Comment ]
Extending Maternity Leave?

Today ministers meeting at the EU Employment and Social Affairs Council on Monday 6 December will be discussing the European Parliament’s proposals to extend maternity leave to 20 weeks and possibly change it from partial pay to full pay. I know that Family Friendly Working is read by a good mix of parents and small business owners, and I’d love to know your views on this.

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[ 26 Nov 2010 | No Comment ]
Families and schools need to educate pupils about gay parents new UK survey reveals

The last 50 years has seen family life in the UK change with the growth in single parents and step-families, accompanied by raised awareness and discussion about what good parenting looks like. The increase of gay parents is part of this next chapter, and a new study has unveiled the need for schools and families to play a greater role educating children about gay parents.

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[ 6 Nov 2010 | No Comment ]
Baby company gives Babybeat charity a Lifft

Mums, babies and toddlers have been raising funds on Preston this month for Babybeat, the charity that supports Sharoe Green Maternity Unit at Royal Preston Hospital.

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[ 22 Jun 2010 | No Comment ]
What are the top 3 things the Families Taskforce should do for fathers? Have your say!

Following last week’s announcement by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg of a Childhood and Families Taskforce, the Fatherhood Institute is developing a detailed submission to ensure Taskforce members develop policies with the best possible prospects for involved fatherhood and shared parenting. Here are some first thoughts about their‘top 3’ policy priorities, and your chance to get involved:
1. Shared parenting and the system of parental leave