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[ 27 Nov 2011 | No Comment ]

AN EARLY CHRISTMAS TREAT FOR MUMS AND DADS! WIN Christmas Gifts for your family, your friends and YOU!
www.SupportiveBusinessMums.co.uk has put together a fabulous online Christmas Gift Guide complete with ideal Christmas Gift Ideas for all the family, reviews and recommendations, great small gift business features and best of all… Christmas Gift Give Aways with gifts up to £100 each plus exclusive offers and discount codes! We are featured on here too!
Supportive Business Mums was founded by Ces Loftus, a designer, brand buzz creator and work from home mum. Ces says : “Christmas …

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[ 12 Nov 2011 | No Comment ]

Relax kids are looking for companies who deal with children and families to donate a digital gift for under their Christmas Tree for all their website visitors to enjoy.
In return they will list your company on their Christmas page as well as every visitor who downloads your eBook, MP3 or voucher will have a chance to test your products and hopefully come back for more!
Visit Relax Kids  for more details and to enter this fantastic promotional opportunity.

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[ 12 Apr 2011 | No Comment ]
The London Baby and Toddler Christmas show at Twickenham Stadium

The London Baby and Toddler Christmas show which will be held at Twickenham Stadium on Sunday 20th November 2011.
The show is now in its 2nd year . The 2010 show was a great success attracting over 2500 visitors on the 1 day.

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[ 15 Dec 2010 | No Comment ]
Ideal Christmas Present for Mumpreneurs!

Still looking for the perfect gift for your Mumpreneur friends?  Or maybe you know someone dying to start their own business, work from home or simply escape the rat race?

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[ 9 Dec 2010 | No Comment ]
Helping you choose wine for Christmas Dinner

Which wine you serve with turkey very much depends on the type of dish you are serving.
it is not a case of ‘one wine fits all’. Having said that, turkey has a natural wine partner in the form of Chardonnay. Traditionalists may point you towards serving turkey with white wine from the famous Burgundy region. New World wine fans might steer towards Australian Chardonnay as a good food match with turkey too.

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[ 7 Dec 2010 | No Comment ]
Toy Review: Playskool step start walk and ride

Playskool step start walk and ride

K, 18months, is keen on anything with wheels. When he swiped a storage box on wheels to site in and use as a car I knew it was time to get him a little ride on for indoors. We were pleased, therefore, to test the Playskool step start walk and ride for the Toylogists programme.
It was easy to set up, despite K helping, and he was keen to get on and ride as soon as he could. He likes the little ‘trunk’ at the front …

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[ 6 Dec 2010 | No Comment ]
Toy Review: Creative weaving loom

This is an attractive little kit for a girl. D described it as ‘exciting’. It took a little while and my help to set it up, and weaving was 50% d, 50% mum! We were able to complete the first project within a couple of evenings, although it took me longer to get round to sewing it up.
D, 8, says, “Cool, I like the phone-bag I made.” This is for age 8+ and is available from Toys R Us. The Weaving-Loom costs £9.99.

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[ 5 Dec 2010 | No Comment ]
Toy Review: Galt Cute Cupcakes

Galt Cute Cupcakes
Another winning craft kit from Galt for a very reasonable price. D and I got very carried away making cupcakes: there is enough plaster in the pack to make 4 cupcakes and one stand. We went freestyle and just used all the plaster (plus some from another kit) to make millions of cupcakes. They are going to be part of D’s Christmas gifts to her friends. Decorated with pretty colours and sparkles they look good enough to eat. (Actually, next door’s 2 year old had a wobbly when …

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[ 4 Dec 2010 | No Comment ]
Reviews to help you choose

With Christmas just three weeks away, visit Family Friendly Working every afternoon to get our reviews of all sorts of toys, and a book or two too. According to the Cost of a Child study from insurance, investment and retirement group LV=, parents will spend a bumper £2.2 billion on festive presents for their children this year which averages out at  £148 to be spent on gifts and £20 on stocking-fillers.  There do seem to be lots of bargains out there so do shop around.
Thanks to the Toys  R US …

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[ 4 Dec 2010 | No Comment ]
Toy Review: Tomy  Mr Colour Maker

This is a cute ‘paintpot’ that talks! You ‘tip’ plastic pots of paint into the pot and it tells you which colours are which, and what you get when you add a combination of two colours. K really likes this one, and is passionately attached to the yellow paint pot. For me, I think it is quite alot of money for not an enormous amount of function. OK, it is cleaner and less messy to let your child learn about colours using Mr Colour Maker than real paint, but any …