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[ 28 Apr 2018 | No Comment ]

How accurate is our ability to self-evaluate? Are you as good as you think you are? The chances are you may not be quite as expert as you imagine and your ability to self-evaluate may be tinted through rose-coloured spectacles, says Ally Yates author of ‘Utter Confidence: How what you say and do influences your effectiveness in business’
Research published in 1999 resulted in the eponymous phenomenon known as the Dunning-Kruger effect. The research revealed the existence of a cognitive bias of illusory superiority, where people judge themselves as better than others …

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[ 7 Feb 2018 | No Comment ]

Ally Yates, author of ‘Utter Confidence: How what you say and do influences your effectiveness in business’ tells us:

Most leadership books tell us that to be a successful business leader, we need to be able to:
1. Establish a clear vision
2. Share that vision with others, in a clear and compelling way
3. Provide others with the resources to realise that vision
4. Co-ordinate, the sometimes conflicting, interests of all stakeholders
This is true. But there is one more trait that every leader needs; flexibility. A business with its back against the wall, requires a …

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[ 9 May 2017 | No Comment ]

Guest post by Dr Afiniki Akanet, Author of Life Without Coffee, Choosing Happiness Over Stress and director of Evasitters.co.uk
Supermums are the amazing women who juggle motherhood with jobs, careers, business, marriage or all of these! Although getting a cleaner, babysitter, personal shopper etc (which few parents can afford) can reduce the house jobs and cover for absences, there are still times that only Mummy will do! Some mothers work outside the home because they have to, while others have paid jobs because they want to. Whatever the reason, these are …

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[ 8 Jan 2015 | No Comment ]
10 ways to spark your creativity this New Year: by Claire Culley of the W review

A new year is upon us and as we reflect back on the year just gone we find ourselves greeted with new years resolutions and a whole new set of goals for 2015. The problem with setting these goals however is just how you are going to achieve them. Especially as we find ourselves being struck with the January blues, tight purse strings after Christmas and cold dreary winter weather.
With that in mind here are my top 10 tips for staying productive this Winter…

Brainstorm. I’m a big fan of writing …

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[ 9 Apr 2013 | No Comment ]

You will probably have seen people offering their service as a life coach. This is a fast growing industry, and offers the potential for working flexibly over the phone from your home. Life coaches help their clients work out and achieve goals in their career, relationships,or pretty much any area of life. Life Coaching isn’t regulated in the UK, so anyone can call themselves a life coach. Check out courses carefully, and see what former students say about them.
Other personal services you could train to offer include colour analysisorwardrobe decluttering. …

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[ 4 May 2011 | No Comment ]
Book Review: The Secrets of Successful Coaches by Karen Williams

Have you ever thought about becoming a coach? Not necessarily a sports coach, but one who can inspire and mentor business wannabees to fulfil their potential?

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[ 15 Mar 2010 | 3 Comments ]
Now that’s a mother of a great idea!

Talk about the mother of great ideas…
Six of Britain’s most respected female entrepreneurs have thrown their weight behind a groundbreaking new initiative that supports mums in business.

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[ 2 Oct 2009 | No Comment ]
Has Being a Mum Transformed Your Life?

Becoming a mum can be a life transformational event.  It can impact women in different ways:  it can be exhausting, overwhelming, frustrating and absolutely fabulous all at the same time.  Sometimes the reality of becoming a mum and what it means in every aspect of our lives only becomes apparent six months or a year after baby is born.  
There is a great deal of research to show how women change as a result of having children both in terms of their priorities and their skill set.  There is a critical …

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[ 4 Jul 2009 | No Comment ]
Life Coach Profile: Suzy of the Big Leap

Name of Business: Big Leap Coaching Company
Your Name and Age: Suzy Greaves, 41
Tell us about your family: Newly separated single mum with one son, Charlie, 6.
What did you do before coming up with your business idea/retraining and how was it making the transition?
I was a freelance journalist working for the national press and went on to be health editor of OK! magazine and New Woman magazine. The transition was very easy for me as I started coached in the evenings and then built up my practice enough so that I …

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[ 3 Jul 2009 | No Comment ]
Life Coach Profile: Lynette of Pink Skills.co.uk

Name of Business: Pink Skills 
Your Name: Lynette Allen
Tell us about your family: I’m married to Nick with two cocker spaniels, William and Grayson, they’re almost 2 and we live in Essex by the sea.
What did you do before coming up with your business idea and how was it making the transition?
I started life as a secretary for the NHS and left to follow my dream of becoming a singer and dancer.  I travelled all around Greece as a result for almost three years before coming back to England and working …