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[ 24 Feb 2019 | No Comment ]

A large number of dads are considering changing jobs to have greater flexibility, with many saying employers are still not aware that modern families have changed, according to a survey to celebrate the launch of the new Workingdads.co.uk website.
The survey shows 73% of dads are considering searching for a flexible job and 16% are actively looking for one. The Workingdads.co.uk site has been launched to offer new flexible jobs to dads and as a place where dads can keep informed about and debate issues relating to being a working dad. It will also provide …

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[ 1 Jul 2016 | No Comment ]

Your Name and Age: Andy Dyche, turning 40 this month.
I live in Adeyfield, Hemel Hempstead, with my partner Brena, and my two sons. Matthew, is 8 and starts Year 4 in September and Zachary is 3 and moving on to nursery at the same time.
 What did you do before coming up with your business idea and how was it making the transition?
Before Avon I was working in the NHS as a decontamination supervisor, but I found that the shifts were long and didn’t fit around my home life. I decided …

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[ 14 Mar 2016 | No Comment ]

If you have a new business you’ll want to use social media to reach out to customers. What can confuse you is the fact that there are three different entities you can create on Facebook. Each one has their own specific role and rules. Read this article by Peter Freeman of Templedene Consultants to find out more, and what you should be using for your business.
1. Profiles
Profiles are for people, actual humans, they should be personal. You are not allowed to have one set up to be a business.
You can use a …

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[ 27 Jan 2015 | No Comment ]

Your Name and Age:
My name is Alec Dobbie and I am 37.
Tell us about your family
I live in a family of 4. I am husband to my beautiful wife Nicola and Dad to my 2 boys, Jack who is 6 and Tom who is 3 ½ – For better or worse they are both like a little me.
What did you do before coming up with your business idea and how was it making the transition?
Director of my own company Dobbie & Sons, and I have developed software for the likes …

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[ 6 Oct 2014 | No Comment ]

 Dawn Fry (chocolatier) 48, is married to Jo Fry (blacksmith) 53 – they have three children aged 17, 15 and 11 and live in Hitchin.  Dawn set up The Melting Pot offering chocolate workshops five years ago and Jo has been working as a blacksmith since leaving school.
Dawn’s varied career background in people development, marketing and PR proved good experience for putting together a workshop-style business.  The concept for The Melting Pot was all Dawn’s own creation – she had no previous background of working with chocolate!
Two years ago, …

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[ 1 Sep 2014 | No Comment ]

Your Name and Age: Henry Bennett – 35 and Paul Loram – 39
Tell us about your family
Henry is married to Gaye with two daughters, Coco (4) and Juno (2) and live in Waterloo, London”
Paul is married to Severine with one daughter, Violette (5) and two sons, Felix (3) and Theo (1)
What did you do before coming up with your business idea and how was it making the transition?
We run a leading mobile agency that creates apps for clients like BBC, ITV and Commonwealth Games. We are running the Sticker Club business in …

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[ 18 Aug 2014 | No Comment ]

Your Name and Age:   Swapnil Gadgil, 37
Tell us about your family
My wife Rebecca is the co-founder of Therapy Box. We work together every day – which isn’t as bad as it sounds! We also have a noisy and curious 1 year old, who keeps us very busy.
What did you do before coming up with your business idea and how was it making the transition?
I was working for the commercial team at Carphone Warehouse. Making the transition was always a bit of a risk – but it definitely paid off. Rebecca …

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[ 21 Jul 2014 | No Comment ]

 Your Name and Age: Peter Freeman, 48
Tell us about your family: Divorced and now single. I have 2 children from my marriage and a further one from another relationship. One of my children suffers from Dyspraxia (which is on the Autism spectrum) so can be very demanding. Working for myself gives me the time to spend with him.
What did you do before coming up with your business idea and how was it making the transition?
I worked in the IT industry, in various roles in various companies since 1990, rising to Manager of …

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[ 20 Jun 2014 | No Comment ]

The majority of new fathers decline full paternity leave entitlement, take fewer sick days than colleagues and demonstrate more company loyalty  
New HR and payroll data analysis from software provider Octopus HR, on paternity leave and the working habits of new dads, has found thatvery few fathers are actually taking the two weeks’ paternity leave to which they are entitled in the UK.
Octopus HR analysed 51,082 records of male employees working full time at 214 companies during a four-year period between 1 June 2010 and 31st May 2014. The data …