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[ 17 Oct 2018 | No Comment ]

Guest article by Kirsty Hulse
The jump from a secure income and regular paid employment can be a scary one but one that can’t fail but to reward you in the long run. Flexibility, a work life balance that you can control and a chance to maximise your productivity by working where and when you know you can achieve your best, is only the beginning. Here are a few pointers that I have learnt along the way that will help when starting out on your freelance journey…

Try not to get …

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[ 11 Apr 2018 | No Comment ]

Multi Level Marketing = Mums Lose Money
Mum’s Enterprise Ltd. have announced the decision that they will not be accepting exhibitor bookings from any Multi Level Marketing brands in a bid to protect attendees and preserve the transparent and honest ambitions of their brand.
Responsible business owners and mothers themselves, Lindsey Fish, Founder and CEO and her business partner Lucy Chaplin, know only too well, the pressures set upon parents to find a flexible work alternative funding life after children and as a result they have chosen to ban these companies from all aspects of our events and …

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[ 22 Feb 2018 | No Comment ]
Employment organisations call for part-time apprenticeships

A new report from Young Women’s Trust, Trust for London, flexibility experts Timewise and Learning and Work Institute today reveals that potentially thousands of people are missing out on the opportunity to train because of a lack of part-time apprenticeship opportunities.
Just one in ten apprentices are contracted for less than 30 hours per week, leaving the training out of reach for many who are unable to work full-time – particularly women, people with caring responsibilities, disabled people and young people leaving the care system. Instead, these groups often find themselves …

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[ 6 Mar 2014 | No Comment ]
Research to help you choose a franchise: information article from Family Friendly Working #franchising #mumsinbusiness

If you are thinking about buying a franchise, it’s time for some market research. Look at other franchises, and work out what makes them successful. Asses the area other franchisees are operating in, and see how it compares to where you plan to set up. Will the franchise attract business in your area? Then check whether the franchise you are interested in has availability in your locality? Are neighbouring franchises already taken and running well or will you be the first in your area?
Choose your franchise
There are nearly 800 …

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[ 27 Feb 2014 | No Comment ]
Details of buying a franchise: information article from Family Friendly Working #franchising #mumsinbusiness

When buying a franchise it pays to check all the details. Here are some things to thing about:
Support and control
If you are paying for support on a monthly or annual basis, find out exactly what you are getting. What sort of training is offered? Again, talk to other franchisees about their experiences. It is good to find out what a few different companies offer so that you can make comparisons. Find out how the franchisor controls the franchisees. What sort of financial reports will they want from you? Will they …

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[ 20 Feb 2014 | No Comment ]
Financing a franchise: information article from Family Friendly Working #franchising #mumsinbusiness

Money money money
If you are selecting a franchise, find out how the price of the franchise has changed over time. If the franchisor has been able to raise their prices then the franchise is becoming more valuable: conversely, a drop in prices could indicate that the business is not taking off. It pays to go through the finances in detail. Look at how much it would cost you to set up a similar business without the support of the franchisor. Could you pay for other professional support with the money …

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[ 15 Mar 2010 | 3 Comments ]
Now that’s a mother of a great idea!

Talk about the mother of great ideas…
Six of Britain’s most respected female entrepreneurs have thrown their weight behind a groundbreaking new initiative that supports mums in business.

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[ 31 Jan 2009 | No Comment ]
Ideas for Flexible and Home Work

Over half of new mums would like to run their own business, and the number of mumpreneurs is growing daily. If you want to start your own home business, here are some pointers from Antonia Chitty, author of Family Friendly Working, to get you going:

Get a great business idea. If you’re not sure where to start, sign up for the Ideas and Inspirations E-course at Family Friendly Working.
List your priorities such as earning money, or finding work that lets you stay home with your children.
Write down your skills, and ask others …

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[ 13 Nov 2008 | One Comment ]
Mumpreneur News: Former midwife gets award for cakes

From midwife to Mumpreneur, Californian Winona Hall has made a dramatic career change in the last few years. The mum to three now supplies “bake-at-home American cookie doughs and cake batters” which must be packed full of great ingredients: the delicious sounding products can be found in Planet Organic, Whole Foods, Fresh and Wild and in John Lewis and Selfridges’ Oxford Street Food Halls. Nationally,  you can pick up Winona’s Organic products in 40 Waitrose stores.” Find out more from the Muswell Hill Journal.

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[ 7 Nov 2008 | No Comment ]
Mumpreneur News: Are you a mother of innovation?

I’ve met many women who have been inspired by their child’s birth to come up with a creative new idea. Some have devised products to solve a problem which they thought was unique, only to find it popular with other mums and the start of a whole business.
Mothers of Innovation’ is a new website which is soon to be launched by mum Sarah Dawnay. Inspired by all the fantastic new products being created by parents for parents, Sarah is setting up the new site as a place that will sell …