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[ 16 Dec 2017 | No Comment ]

There are a variety of reasons why so many people suffer with anxiety, which is one of the most common mental health disorders. Life can certainly be stressful, and daily life can contain quite a bit of hardship. But whether you have been diagnosed with clinical anxiety or you are simply experiencing feelings of stress, unease, and anxiety when you are at work because of the environment that you are in and the people you are around, doing something about it is necessary. Otherwise, your symptoms could get worse and …

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[ 13 Dec 2017 | No Comment ]
Pssst! Please pass this on to your teens (Is Your School Lying To You?)

Compromise. Trade off. Robbing Peter to pay Paul. Burning the candle at both ends. Any way you phrase it, the work-life balance is hard and getting harder and despite more companies embracing flexible working, there’s always the uncertainty that not being in the office is giving your co-workers a professional advantage over you. On paper, we’re around the middle of the pack when it comes to working hours but that doesn’t take into account the £31.5 BILLION we give our employers in unpaid overtime, working through lunch, staying late and …

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[ 29 Nov 2017 | No Comment ]

As a business owner, you’ve probably heard a lot about the benefits of offering perks and unique advantages to the people who work for you. When it comes to deciding which perks to offer your employees, there are several awesome options available, all of which could make coming into work a better and more enjoyable experience.
However, it’s also a good idea to offer help and support for your employees on the practical side of things, such as offering them health insurance that will entitle them to private healthcare under the …

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[ 23 Nov 2017 | No Comment ]
Image source: Pexels

Early mornings can be a nightmare for working parents, especially when you never quite know what’s actually coming up ahead. Being a professional means that there’s only so many times that you can blame the kids for being late, before it starts to affect your work. Want to avoid the drama? Things need to change, now.
Prioritise Breakfast
Sometimes, it’s easier just to get the kids (and you) ready and out of the door, but there are so many reasons why breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Instead of …

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[ 15 Nov 2017 | No Comment ]

By Susan Scott, psychologist, nutritionist, mind & body expert, and best-selling author
It’s quite a challenge balancing a work life and a family life and feeling you get the most from both but with a few clever rituals you can prevent yourself crashing and burning.

Know your purpose in life. Who are you and what do you want from your life? Just because you have children does not mean you have to put this on hold or forget about it. Yes, your purpose in life may well change but by having one …

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[ 26 Oct 2017 | No Comment ]
L-R: Ice Instruments. Credit Emile Holba; ABBA: Super Troupers. Credit Torbjorn Calvero © Premium Rockshot. Rave a Roo. Credit Khristopher Morgan)

Wintertime at Southbank Centre is announced today with a feast of offerings capturing the magic of winter from 10 November 2017 to 4 January 2018. The final season of Southbank Centre’s year-long exploration into Nordic arts and culture, Nordic Matters, Wintertime sees a one of a kind Finnish Rooftop Sauna in the picturesque roof garden of the Queen Elizabeth Hall overlooking London’s iconic River Thames (10 Nov – 30 Dec). Danish children’s theatre company Teater Refleksion and theatre artist Andy Manley invite families and young children on a magical, poetic journey through the dark and beautiful …

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[ 11 Oct 2017 | No Comment ]

Hard-working parents don’t get to finally put their feet up until 8:53pm, a study has found. The incredible extent to which running a home leaves mums and dads with very little ‘down time’ was revealed by a study of 2,000 parents.
Parents get just 48 minutes of time to themselves a day. And eight in ten wish they had more spare time. One in ten said it was gone 10pm by the time they finally managed to relax after the stresses and strains of managing everything family life throws at them.
Two …

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[ 13 Sep 2017 | No Comment ]

Finding a new place to live is an exciting time, but the thought of up and moving from the family home can often leave you with a feeling of uncertainty. Preparing for a new chapter in your life means leaving friends behind and changing many of the routines you have perfected over time.
Moving is a life-changing event for you and your children, and if your thinking about packing up for a new adventure, you need to be prepared!
Top tips for dealing with the stress of moving:

Research the area
Hire a professional …

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[ 12 Sep 2017 | No Comment ]

Guest post by Ann McCracken, author of How To Get Back Your Mojo

For busy working parents, the start of term can be a relief as routine returns to the household. But term has started and you’re still feeling worn out! If you feel you have lost your spark or ‘Mojo’ after six weeks of juggling, here are a few tips to help get your Mojo back:

Plan your meals for the week. This may sound a really boring piece of advice, however stocking your store cupboard and freezer with the ingredients …

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[ 8 Sep 2017 | One Comment ]

The holidays are over, you’re stuck at your desk again and your resolutions to get fit this Autumn are falling by the wayside. If you spend your work day hunched over a desk, you may be joining a legion of British workers with stiff, strained muscles. A poll of 2000 workers in Britain carried out by AXA PPP healthcare[1] found that nearly half (46%) of the respondents sit at work for 4-6 hours per day, with 1 in 4 (25%) sitting for 7-8 hours daily.
Spending all day sitting down can …