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[ 17 Mar 2017 | No Comment ]

Diabetes is one of the most common long-term health conditions in the UK, and it can require people to use regular medication alongside changes to their diet and lifestyle. Here’s what you need to know…
Diabetes is a serious life-long health condition that occurs when there is too much glucose – or blood sugar – in the blood stream. It is a result of the body being unable to process glucose properly.
If your blood sugar is consistently too high, it can increase the risk of a number of potentially serious health …

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[ 7 Mar 2017 | No Comment ]

This week we march into March, which is National Bed Month.
That doesn’t mean that you have a free pass to stay in bed for the whole month! But it does give us a good opportunity to talk about the importance of sleep.
Sleep is a big part of our lives – we spend approximately one third of our day asleep.
Sleep plays a vital role in our health and wellbeing. Without good quality sleep we cannot function properly and are at increased risk of:

Obesity – sleep affects hormones in the body, raising …

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[ 4 Mar 2017 | No Comment ]

Following a successful run in Madrid, The Art of the Brick DC Superheroes makes its London debut this week. The contemporary art exhibition will be shown in an exclusively built space on London’s South Bank, home to the capital’s cultural quarter. Together with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, the well-known and celebrated artist Sawaya has created the world’s largest collection of artwork inspired by DC’s Justice League, including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, alongside DC Super-Villains the Joker, Harley Quinn and more.
Through a series of immersive galleries,The Art of the Brick …

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[ 21 Feb 2017 | One Comment ]

Baby charity Group B Strep Support is urging pregnant women to make sure they’re aware of group B Strep (GBS or Strep B), and the risk it can pose to their baby.
Group B Strep is the UK’s most common cause of life-threatening infection in newborn babies, causing sepsis and pneumonia, and of meningitis in babies under 3 months. Carried normally by one in every four women, the group B Strep bacteria can pass from a pregnant woman to her baby around birth with potentially devastating consequences for the baby.
On average …

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[ 16 Feb 2017 | No Comment ]

From the GP’s surgery, by Alexandra Phelan
 The weather is still freezing and your fingers have turned white and they feel numb or painful.  That’s just the cold, right? Or could it be Raynaud’s? Statistically the coldest month of the year in the UK, February is also Raynaud’s Awareness Month.
Known as Raynaud’s phenomenon, syndrome, disease or simply ‘Raynaud’s’, it is a relatively unknown condition that causes the small blood vessels in our extremities to temporarily spasm and block the flow of blood.
Sufferers usually experience Raynaud’s in their fingers, but can also get it …

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[ 7 Feb 2017 | No Comment ]

We’re not suggesting you need advice on how to put your pants on before the school run.  Mornings are hard but after years of practise you’re not a total novice when it comes to applying clothes…well, most days anyway!  Instead, our advice is aimed at helping you to make the most out of your wardrobe and ensuring you look fab-u-lous every day of the week without taking up too much time!
If you’re someone who dreads the morning routine, you’ll easily be able to identify the type of morning person you …

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[ 7 Feb 2017 | No Comment ]

Today is Safer Internet Day, so read these five easy tips for parents on internet safety from the Department for Education and UK Safer Internet Centre

Have an open and honest dialogue with children about staying safe online
Encourage them to tell you which sites they might be using and talk to about anything they see online
Set boundaries and make an agreement on what they can and cannot do online. If the agreement is broken, restrict internet access for an agreed period of time
Read up on information available through schools and official …

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[ 5 Feb 2017 | No Comment ]

The UK’s original pleasure park, Dreamland Margate, will be welcoming GEEK in 2017. A three-day festival of play and gaming, GEEK will entertain the whole family during the Half Term from the 17th to 19th of February.
For five years GEEK has been bringing people together to meet, make, and play. The event focuses on multiplayer interactive games and encourages visitors to participate in all genres of gaming; including board games, computer games, retro and next generation, card games and real world games.
GEEK will be situated throughout the Dreamland site, including …

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[ 21 Jan 2017 | No Comment ]

The normal human mind is that can only hold one thought at a time.
During the course of each day, our minds will focus on the task in hand for some of the time at least. There will be times though where we mull over past conversations or events. Our minds might wander forwards in time to what we’re having for supper. We are also prone to being interrupted by thoughts that appear out of the blue.
Our internal dialogue or chatter might replay conversations where we wished we’d come up with …

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[ 16 Jan 2017 | No Comment ]

From the GP’s surgery, by Alexandra Phelan
Today, the third Monday in January, is often described as Blue Monday because it is said to be the most depressing day of the year. The reality is that depression doesn’t pick and choose the days it affects sufferers. However, Blue Monday provides a good excuse to talk about a condition that either has or will affect many people.
What is depression?
Depression is a mental health condition characterised by feelings of unhappiness, hopelessness and anxiety.
We all have days when we feel a bit down, but depression …