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[ 11 Oct 2017 | No Comment ]

Hard-working parents don’t get to finally put their feet up until 8:53pm, a study has found. The incredible extent to which running a home leaves mums and dads with very little ‘down time’ was revealed by a study of 2,000 parents.
Parents get just 48 minutes of time to themselves a day. And eight in ten wish they had more spare time. One in ten said it was gone 10pm by the time they finally managed to relax after the stresses and strains of managing everything family life throws at them.
Two …

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[ 13 Sep 2017 | No Comment ]

Finding a new place to live is an exciting time, but the thought of up and moving from the family home can often leave you with a feeling of uncertainty. Preparing for a new chapter in your life means leaving friends behind and changing many of the routines you have perfected over time.
Moving is a life-changing event for you and your children, and if your thinking about packing up for a new adventure, you need to be prepared!
Top tips for dealing with the stress of moving:

Research the area
Hire a professional …

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[ 12 Sep 2017 | No Comment ]

Guest post by Ann McCracken, author of How To Get Back Your Mojo

For busy working parents, the start of term can be a relief as routine returns to the household. But term has started and you’re still feeling worn out! If you feel you have lost your spark or ‘Mojo’ after six weeks of juggling, here are a few tips to help get your Mojo back:

Plan your meals for the week. This may sound a really boring piece of advice, however stocking your store cupboard and freezer with the ingredients …

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[ 8 Sep 2017 | One Comment ]

The holidays are over, you’re stuck at your desk again and your resolutions to get fit this Autumn are falling by the wayside. If you spend your work day hunched over a desk, you may be joining a legion of British workers with stiff, strained muscles. A poll of 2000 workers in Britain carried out by AXA PPP healthcare[1] found that nearly half (46%) of the respondents sit at work for 4-6 hours per day, with 1 in 4 (25%) sitting for 7-8 hours daily.
Spending all day sitting down can …

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[ 5 Sep 2017 | No Comment ]

Guest post by Stacey Turner, Mum, Teacher and Author of ‘I’m Going To Nursery’ and other books in the My Tiny Book series
As a professional I have helped many children to overcome separation fears and settle at nursery and during the early years of primary school. It’s much more common than people think, and even in those children who don’t usually suffer, all children have the wobbles at some time! I have undertaken a lot of research and I’ve been through an extreme situation of separation anxiety that was borderline …

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[ 29 Aug 2017 | No Comment ]

Finding a family holiday that ticks all the boxes can be tricky, can’t it? Some family members want wall to wall sunshine and a decent beach, while others want water parks or a well-stocked shopping centre. And it’s a complete mystery what our teenagers want from holiday… aside from decent WiFi, of course! So, if you’re struggling for destination ideas that suit everyone, why not consider these?
The Canary Islands
Located just off the north-west coast of Africa, The Canary Islands should be top of your shortlist. Consisting of five islands, …

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[ 28 Aug 2017 | No Comment ]

Is your child starting primary school in September? Stacey Turner, author of I’m Going To Nursery, parent, teacher and childhood/separation anxiety expert has some tips to help you.

As a teacher, we can help settle, support and teach other children, but as a parent, when it comes to your own child, it’s a whole different ball game! Here, Stacey Turner offers a wish list of points that teachers would love to share with new parents, including important tips to aid a smooth transition for you and your child as they start …

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[ 26 Aug 2017 | No Comment ]

Getting kids back into a term time sleep routine doesn’t have to be a nightmare according to The Sleep Council.
Late nights, long lie ins and days without structure are just some of the reasons the summer holidays play havoc with children’s sleeping patterns. But as the start of a new school year looms, parents are advised to start trying to re-establish their regular sleep routines a good week before they go back.
Said Lisa Artis of The Sleep Council: “It’s not uncommon to find that the long break disrupts bed and …

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[ 18 Aug 2017 | No Comment ]

WHY DON’T YOU… Hold a family sports day
In a recent poll, sport was one of the top three activities children told us they wanted to do with their parents, so why not turn an area of your garden or your local park into your very own sporting arena? Hold a running race, beanbag throw, mini hurdles or go retro with a game of rounders.
WHY DON’T YOU… Go on a nature treasure hunt
Make a map with a list of ‘treasure’ on it that the family has to tick off and find …

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[ 18 Aug 2017 | No Comment ]

Life after university can be an excruciating reality check. It is abundantly evident now with many adults aged 18-34 living with their parents instead of with partners or flatmates, as high student loan debt and premium rents coupled with low earnings are making independent living a challenge.
Therefore, parents can again come to the rescue by financially helping their children get on their feet in the following four ways:


A straightforward way to help your child is by just giving them the funds they need. Talk to …