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[ 18 Nov 2018 | No Comment ]

By Kelvin Summoogum, Founder and CEO of miiCare
 When you are running your own business you have a lot on your plate. If you find yourself in the position where a parent or other elderly relative needs support it can create additional stress and worry. It is a balancing act; finding ways to ensure loved-ones are safe and cared for while fulfilling the demands of your business.
Thankfully, technology is already empowering the elderly to stay in their homes safely for longer. For example, loneliness can be alleviated through user-friendly smartphones, tablets, …

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[ 12 Nov 2018 | No Comment ]

As any working mother will tell you we are all consumed with “mummy guilt” whether it be about working too much, not working enough, being there for the children, being there too much for the children.  Not making enough time for ourselves and making sure that we are 100% healthy. Most working mothers will worry over our children’s sniffles or sore leg, but what about us? Why do we never take time to ensure our physical – and mental – health is in tiptop condition?  Having to take time off …

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[ 31 Oct 2018 | No Comment ]

Brits make over 7 million business trips every year. Going away from home takes organisation – not just for yourself, but also making sure that your family are ready too. In a study, 75% of travellers reported high levels of stress if they were planning to go away on business, and 50% of their spouses too. Work trips affect everyone in the household. The figures were particularly high if there were young children in the family. Here are a few things you can do to help you and your family get ready for your business trip.
Make …

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[ 17 Oct 2018 | No Comment ]

Even when working for the most family-friendly organisations, we can all have times where stress can creep up on us. If you find you have a demanding workload it can have an impact on all aspects of your life especially when you have a home and family commitments outside of work. On the adverse side of this, if you find you are not challenged enough by your workload or lacking career progression opportunities you might alternatively be feeling undervalued and demoralised. Stress can even be caused by your colleagues and …

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[ 12 Oct 2018 | No Comment ]

Employing a nanny to help with you your busy working life has many advantages but you do need take into consideration the legal and financial side. Below are points that you should give some thought.
Once you have found the perfect nanny for your family, you are officially their employer. Creating an official and formal contract is one of the responsibilities of becoming an employer. They have the same benefits as any other people who work in the UK as they are making their career out of helping and looking after …

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[ 10 Oct 2018 | No Comment ]

The stress of ‘competitive parenting’ – the constant comparison of children’s development   between Mums & Dads – is one of the biggest concerns for modern British parents, according to new figures released today, with parents voicing their concerns against it.
New research by LEGO DUPLO has found that, despite one in five British parents (20 per cent) comparing their children to their friends’ little ones via Facebook and Instagram at least once a week, a huge 92 per cent of parents also believe children should be encouraged to develop at their …

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[ 9 Oct 2018 | No Comment ]

When it comes to taking a holiday in Europe, we’re really spoilt for choice: from the sunny shores of Italy to the historic sites of England to the cuisine of Spain… How is a family supposed to decide on where to take a break? For the final decision, we can’t make that choice for you, however, we can suggest five incredible places that we believe would be perfect for a short getaway with the entire family.
A city brimming with colour and life, it’s hard not to instantly fall for Barcelona, …

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[ 27 Sep 2018 | No Comment ]

Grad school is hard for most people but for those who also have a family to look after, it can be even more difficult. Of course, it is not impossible to get through grad school as a parent, many people do it every day. This is why we are going to give you some tips on how you can survive and thirve. Make sure to keep reading if you’d like to find out more.
Start Application Prep Early
The first hurdle that you are going to need to get through as a …

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[ 26 Sep 2018 | No Comment ]

Although an exciting time, the majority of students find some aspects of the transition to university challenging – but it’s important to remember that there’s always support available.
Dr Debbie Porteous, Associate Head of Department at Northumbria University, Newcastle, recently carried out research into the transition from A Levels into Higher Education and here she shares some of the steps parents can take to help their child during the transition from school to university:
 Follow the guidance on what to bring
 There’s always that temptation to go shopping and buy as many provisions …

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[ 20 Sep 2018 | No Comment ]

There are all kinds of emergencies that can pop up in life that will cause you stress mentally, physically, and financially. They can impact you in such a way that there are lasting repercussions that you and your family can find difficult to deal with. One of the worst parts about these emergency situations is the fact you never seem to have any warning; they tend to happen out of the blue and catch you completely off-guard and often unprepared.
With that in mind, we’ve gone ahead and put together a …