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[ 5 Jan 2017 | No Comment ]

Travelling with your children is a wonderful experience: it is a great time to bond as a family, and it is also a fantastic way to help your children learn. Our children got their first passports when they were only a few weeks old, and since then we have travelled extensively with them, and spent time living overseas. My new book Road School tells the story of what happened when we took our children out of school to learn ‘on the road’ for six months, and what we learned about …

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[ 22 May 2014 | No Comment ]

Boys and girls have learnt it in the early days of Scouts for years – Be Prepared. This mantra should have been invented for parents about to embark on a longer-than-average car journey with little people in tow. Keep the motto in mind before departure day and the journey no longer has to be the dreaded part of a trip.
Amelia Atkinson, founder of the new invaluable journey-planning tool “Pillows & Pitstops”, has 5 top tips to not only survive but maybe even enjoy a trip with children:


Some parents can’t buy …