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[ 6 Jun 2018 | No Comment ]

Advance meal prep is a popular strategy for managing your time, budget, and diet. When you plan ahead, you can count calories, organize your shopping list, and ensure that you have nutritious, high-quality meals waiting for you every day without the need to run through the grocery store or hit a fast food window. There are many compelling reasons to start planning and prepping ahead for your meals.
Avoid the Temptation of Fast Food
The majority of people who eat fast food do so out of convenience. Less than a third of …

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[ 19 Apr 2017 | No Comment ]

From the doctor’s surgery, by Dr Alexandra Phelan
The five-a-day fruit and vegetable rule should be upped to 10 if people want to drastically reduce the risk of serious health conditions such as stroke and heart disease, according to researchers from Imperial College London.
However, there are other ways to eat yourself healthy. Here are my top ten tips.

Eat your greens: the NHS recommends that one third of the food you eat should be fruit and vegetables. Fruit and vegetables are an important source of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre.
Five a day: …

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[ 25 Oct 2016 | No Comment ]
Food on Friday: Healthy Eating Tips for Half Term

If you’re like me, everything goes awry in the kitchen at half term. No-one wants breakfast until midway through the morning, which means lunch is late too. My kids are old enough to sometimes want to make their own lunch, and other days will happily wait, hungry, until someone else makes it. And any time of the day they will rummage for treats and biscuits. So here are some tips that have works for us that give the whole family a chance of some healthy eating, even though it is …

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[ 7 Oct 2016 | No Comment ]
Try more fish this #seafoodweek

Whether from a fish and chip shop, a restaurant or at home, have you thought about increasing the amount and variety of seafood and fish in their diet. Research by Seafish to mark the start of Seafood Week shows that while 85% of us eat fish, almost 40% of us only have it once every two weeks at most, while almost 20% only have it once a month.
There are now around 100 varieties of fish and seafood to choose from in the UK, yet a third of us stick to …

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[ 26 Jul 2016 | No Comment ]

Watch our video as we explore the potentially long term health implications of overfeeding your child, as new research shows the majority of toddlers are being offered much more food than they should be, with many regularly being given adult sized portions
A majority of parents are unwittingly giving their toddlers too much food, putting them at risk of obesity, according to new research from leading health and nutrition experts the Infant & Toddler Forum (ITF).
The survey of 1000 UK mums and dads revealed that 79% of parents routinely offer portions …

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[ 22 Apr 2016 | No Comment ]
Review: Gousto meal delivery service #foodonfriday

If you’re like me, you can get fed up with cooking the same meals over and over again, so it was great to be asked to review a meal box from Gousto.
The basic concept is that you pick you recipe – for two or four people, and up to four recipes a week. The nice people at Gousto put all the ingredients in a box for you and deliver it. Fresh food that needs to be chilled comes in wool insulation with icepacks so the food can be left somewhere …

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[ 19 Feb 2016 | No Comment ]
Food on Friday: How to choose the perfect wine to complement the latest dining experiences

Watch our video featuring leading sommelier Gerard Basset as he chats about the latest winter dining trends and which French wines we should best enjoy with them.
During the winter months, when it’s cold and dark, there’s nothing better than meeting up with friends and family for a nice meal. With so many different fun and exciting dining trends these days, you’re never short of a unique dining experience to turn even the coldest winter day into a warming winter night. But how do you choose your perfect restaurant? …

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[ 12 Feb 2016 | No Comment ]

 Now January is out of the way, many of us will be attempting to keep up our healthy eating but could be lacking inspiration.  Don’t simply stick to dull salads; how about making eating well that bit easier?  Try this tasty sweet potato soup with a blackberry twist that will be sure to warm you up this winter.
Nutritional Health Coach, Sunday Times best-selling author and creator of the Glow Guides App, Madeleine Shaw has teamed up with British Summer Fruits to launch the Eat Smart campaign.  The campaign aims to …

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[ 11 Dec 2015 | No Comment ]

Watch our video from a recent adventure at Billingsgate Fish Market to find out how to pair fish and seafood with the perfect selection of French wine. 
CEO of Billingsgate Seafood Training School CJ Jackson and wine expert Douglas Blyde give top tips to prepare seafood and advice on the perfect wine to accompany it.
When dining out with your friends or family do you want to feel confident when recommending a particular wine with fish?  Or have you ever wanted to recreate your favorite seafood dishes at home, with the right …

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[ 27 Nov 2015 | No Comment ]
Do you throw out food? #foodonfriday

As many families across the UK tighten their belts in preparation for Christmas, new research by My Family Club reveals that six in 10 (57%) households are still throwing away food unnecessarily, despite being on a tight household budget.
The main reason for throwing away food was that it had exceeded the best before date, with nearly five in 10 (45%) families stating that they throw away food because it was after the best before date despite watching the pennies each month. This regular food wastage in the UK is leading to …