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[ 26 Feb 2018 | No Comment ]

Bad Mother is about trust, our relationship with strangers in the modern world, and how we judge each other as mothers.
The Bad Mother team are currently looking for support for this short film, written by mums about mums. We are in preproduction, scheduled to shoot atthe end of April 2018.
“I am often disappointed by the rose tinted version of motherhood we see in films and TV – I don’t always believe it. This story has come from an experience that I had, so I hope it will have an authenticity to it” …

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[ 16 Sep 2015 | No Comment ]
Image from Shutterstock

It’s hard to tell what’s been scarier this last decade and a bit: the speed at which technology has evolved, or how easily and quickly each new development has become an essential part of our lives.
Behind so many major innovations since the turn of the century has been the Internet, connecting everything and everyone. Then came broadband and wireless applications, and the pace of change snowballed. From services such as DAB radio to fridges that can add items to your next shopping order and innovation that improves our safety – …

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[ 22 Sep 2014 | No Comment ]

My name is Sally Huggett and I am 40. I am married to Andy and we have Daniel, 7, and Matthew, 5 and a dog.
Before I came up with this business idea I ran a special needs publication. Unfortunately the sponsorship for printing costs was pulled and we had to close this business venture in this current economic climate. Making the transition has been a great and exciting challenge. I have carried through a lot of my marketing strategies from one venture to another.
I launched Lone Coyote TV, an Internet …

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[ 6 Oct 2013 | No Comment ]

Maverick Television is looking for families who are worried by and struggling with their child’s behaviour and would like some help from a team of health professionals.
This new primetime documentary series will aim to highlight how extreme behaviour in children can place an incredible strain on families. It will provide an unique opportunity for those families taking part, to have their child assessed and treated by a team of expert paediatric clinicians.
The programme will follow the child and their parents as they receive support from the specialists best suited to …

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[ 20 Jun 2013 | No Comment ]

Want to be on TV?
You could get involved in a six-part series for Channel 4 about parenthood that will give families a brilliant opportunity to work closely with one of the UK’s top nannies. The nanny we are working with is highly qualified and has over 20 years’ experience of working with children and families and is a bestselling parenthood book author.
Kathryn Mewes is keen to help families who are struggling with different parenting challenges and who would like some expert advice on how to manage these. They might be …

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[ 24 Apr 2013 | No Comment ]
Your Sleep Stories Needed

If you’re a parent of a child with a disability or additional need, I need your bedtime stories! Can you tell me what your child needs at bedtime, what helps them get to sleep, what keeps them awake. What special features in the bedroom are a must have – blackout blinds, weighted blankets – tell me what helps you and your child. Many thanks

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[ 21 Jan 2013 | 2 Comments ]
Media op: women with incredible adventure stories

Easy Living magazine is looking for women in their (30s/40s) who have been on an incredible adventure or done something completely out of their comfort zone for a really uplifting and inspiring real women feature.
For example, do you know…
*A woman who took a sabbatical to travel the world *A woman who has done something challenging/life-changing for charity *A woman who has been ‘on tour’ with a singer/band *A woman who has completely renovated an old wreck and designed her own home
* A woman who has learnt something completely new and/or …

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[ 15 Jan 2013 | No Comment ]
Media Op: do you want to start a family business?

True North Productions, an independent television production company based in Leeds wants couples and families who want to make changes to their lives and start running their own business for a new Channel 4 series.
If you want some expert help to identify the right opportunity, and  dream of a new life but until now just haven’t had the expertise or head space to go for it, this op might be for you.
For those who are interested please contact Kas,  kmoore@truenorth.tv.

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[ 10 Jan 2013 | No Comment ]
Media Op: Are you obsessive?

A TV company is looking for people who’s passions tip over into obsession.  If your lifestyle is affecting your loved ones, and you’re happy to expose this on a new TV show read on. 

Are you such a celebrity super-fan that your partner is jealous?
Are you excessively cleaning the house or washing yourself?
Are you addicted to shopping, gambling or having sex?
Do you nurture your pets more than you do your children?

 We are looking to hear from people who genuinely feel like their obsession is affecting their life and the lives of those around them. If …

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[ 21 Oct 2012 | No Comment ]

Do you blog for your business? Then why not join in with this months Business Mums Blog Carnival over at TJ Consulting?
Simply pick your favorite post you have already written and send the link over to info (at) tjconsulting.co.uk by 5pm, Monday 22nd October for it to be included in the roundup of posts on 26th on Tamara’s blog.
The original idea was created by Helen Lindop at Business Plus Baby as a way to help other mums in business find new readers for their blogs.
To find out more about the …