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[ 20 Oct 2012 | One Comment ]

Do you love fashion and beauty and have wanted to start a blog sharing all your tips, ideas and the latest trends? Well Grazia are holding a series of masterclasses featuring some of the top fashion and beauty bloggers at the Apple Store, Regent St, London, starting Monday 22nd October and continues on the 29th October and 5th November.
These masterclasses are part of Grazia’s new School of Grazia series which will give you access to some of the fashion industries experts, all the way from the bloggers to the designers.
The …

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[ 18 Feb 2012 | 5 Comments ]
My husband is reading my magazine. Is yours?

My husband reads my Psychologies magazine. Now, don’t misunderstand: I’m not married to some self actualised mindful man who is deeply into self development. He freely admits that he reads it for the celeb interviews: Psychologies tends to pick classy brunette actresses to interview, right up Dh’s street. But I’m wondering if this is a growing trend, something that Psychologies is actually seeking to promote.
Now, I know that journalists pick case studies that tie in to the magazine’s target audience. Generally, that means that women’s magazines have women case studies. But in the current issue of Psychologies, in …

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[ 22 Feb 2011 | One Comment ]
Calling female entrepreneurs, mumpreneurs & business women to take part in TV pilot

Are you a female entrepreneur in need of help?
And would you be happy to be filmed getting that help?
Independent production company, Handle and Spout, has teamed up with Lynette Allen to make a pilot television programme.

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[ 21 Jan 2011 | No Comment ]
Use your gadgets well!

How to boost your Business with your Pocket Video Camera

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[ 12 Dec 2010 | No Comment ]
How to boost your Business with your Pocket Video Camera

Pocket video cameras like the Flip are perfect if you want to promote your business AND great to use filming the family this Christmas. In this video listen to Jules, a professional TV director, as he shares some tips to help you make the most of a video camera. If you’d love a pocket video camera for Christmas he also advises on your choices.

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[ 30 Nov 2010 | One Comment ]
Media Op: Breastfeeding mum needed – in or around London

BBC Three and Renegade Pictures are making a new documentary about breastfeeding and are looking for women who have recently had a baby, are breastfeeding and will shortly be returning to work, to take part.
The documentary will be a warm, thoughtful look at attitudes towards breastfeeding and will be presented by Cherry Healy, who recently had a baby herself and has presented a series of documentaries for BBC Three about pregnancy, dating and marriage.
Due to our tight time frame and for practical reasons we are ideally looking for women who …

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[ 20 Oct 2010 | No Comment ]
Media Op: Career Change 35+

Did you have a change of career after being made redundant? Have you taken over another business? Or are you a female barrister?
A national women’s glossy magazine is looking for women over 35 who have changed career direction after redundancy. Ideally you will have moved into another area of employment, as opposed to starting up your own business, but all stories will be considered. If redundancy gave you the push you needed to pursue your dream career, or maybe you’d never thought of changing jobs before but it gave you inspiration to …

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[ 16 Jun 2010 | No Comment ]
Book Review: How to work as a Freelance Journalist – Marc Leverton

Are there any budding Lois Lanes or Clark Kents out there?  OK, you might not be able to don the underpants and become a superhero, but this book might just get you a gig as a Freelance Journalist.

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[ 12 Jun 2010 | One Comment ]
Managing a Portfolio Career – top tips from Slummy Single Mummy

There are some days at work, (by which of course I mean ‘in my spare room’), when I just can’t focus. I open outlook, read a couple of emails, switch to twitter, open a blank word document… nothing seems to hold my attention for more than two minutes and I end up in a frenzy of inactivity – a dozen windows open on the laptop but getting absolutely nothing done.
There has been a huge surge in popularity over recent years, for parents particularly, in ‘portfolio careers’ – basically an exciting …

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[ 22 May 2010 | 2 Comments ]
News for Dads: FQ – Ezine Launch

FQ Magazine, the parenting magazine for dads, has launched into the digital era with the FQ eZINE.  FQ has embraced new technology which will reach even more parents whilst making a major contribution to the environment as a result of the reduction of printed paper.  You’ll be able to view all the same great articles as the printed copies but also experience super fast loading video and animated graphics.