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[ 12 May 2016 | No Comment ]

My name is Dora, I am a mum of two and I have been developing a unique baby product for a few years. I came up with the idea when I struggled to give medicine to my children when they were babies.
I found 15 types of medicine dispensers: soft syringes, dummy dispensers, syringe bottles and many more but none were good enough. Some were too messy, some too difficult to use, some not suitable for babies that don’t take dummies or bottles, some simply ineffective. That’s when I came up …

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[ 9 May 2016 | No Comment ]
Top tips on how you can get the most out of your day #smarterfasterbetter

Watch our video with productivity guru Charles Duhigg to learn how a few simple steps can transform your day…and your life!
We all know that feeling of getting to the end of the day and feeling like we’ve achieved nothing. And when you’ve got 101 things on your to do list both in your personal life and at work, it’s understandable that things may get away from us.
But we also know those women who seem to be able to achieve so much in just 24 hours, from running a business to …

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[ 22 Oct 2015 | No Comment ]
Find out about: Being a Mumpreneur

Having a new baby or young family can be overwhelming, and starting a new business is all consuming. So why do so many mums do both? Despite developing flexible working legislation, many jobs still don’t offer sufficient flexibility, and some mums want the freedom of being their own boss to allow them to prioritise time with their family. Starting a business when you have baby or toddler can be a big challenge, but it is entirely possible too. Here are some pointers from Antonia Chitty of Family Friendly Working, to …

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[ 19 Sep 2015 | No Comment ]

Think of a virtual assistant – what do you see?  One of the most common stereotypes of a VA is a stay at home mum earning pin money by working in the evenings and juggling childcare.  This image has dogged the industry for many years, and it’s a stereotype that VAs find hard to shake.
Back in 2010, the VA industry’s body www.societyofvirtualassistants.co.uk first asked their members whether this was true – did they have young children and if so, did they have childcare in place?  Strangely, this myth got shattered… …

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[ 2 Feb 2015 | No Comment ]

   My name is Sarah, I’m 34 years old, Mummy to my 3 beautiful children, who are 5, 3 and 1 years old, and wife to my lovely husband , Pete.
I stopped working as a primary school teacher after having my second baby. I have loved to draw for as long as I can remember, and have a degree in fine art. I have always made art in my spare time, and I decided to try my hand at designing some greetings cards. I started with 9 different designs, which I …

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[ 19 Mar 2013 | No Comment ]
Business ideas for fitness fans

If you want to work for yourself, have you thought of training as a fitness instructor. Look fora course which enables you to join the Register of Exercise Professionals. Courses are run by Central YMCA Qualifications, Active IQ and the Keep Fit Association. If you have a fitness qualification already, fora few hundred pounds you can take a specialist training course, like those offered by Buggyfit or the Guild of Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise Instructors.
 Case study: Liz of  www.powerpramming.co.uk
Liz Stuart trained as a fitness instructor when working in IT. She says, …

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[ 7 Mar 2013 | No Comment ]

..even if you are at home with the kids, can’t find a job or have a job but need more money.
I’ve been working for myself for 10 years, and it has been a steep learning curve to find ways to create reliable income that doesn’t leave me chained to my desk, allows me to take the holidays off AND spend time with my 3 children. Here are some of my best tips to get you started:
1.       Change the way you think. You don’t always need to find a job to …

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[ 1 Feb 2013 | No Comment ]
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[ 22 Dec 2012 | No Comment ]

All of the efforts of a Manchester-based company were rewarded this week when their nappies were awarded a Bronze Mother & Baby award.
Baba+Boo, based in Worsley, manufacture their own cloth nappies and were up against a number of large national companies for the accolade. The company picked up a Bronze award in the Best Reusable Nappy category at a ceremony at the Hilton Mayfair Hotel in London on Wednesday evening.
Eve Bell, managing director of Baba+Boo said: “We were over the moon to be recognised alongside some of the biggest names …

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[ 13 Dec 2012 | No Comment ]

When you have children, the career you had previous doesn’t always fit in with your lifestyle or you may not want to return to the same job. If you do not have any skills you could turn into a family friendly business then why not retrain. Here are 3 ideas on what you could retrain as.

Teaching Assistant. This is an ideal job if you have school age children as the hours are usually school hours with the holidays off too.You do not actually need any entry level qualifications to start …