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[ 25 Oct 2012 | No Comment ]

Starting a business is a big step and here are my top five tips on what you need to think about when starting a business.

Research. This is  the first steps you need to be taking before you start anything else when looking at starting a business. You may think you have a great idea and that there is a gap in the market, but by doing your research first, you will prevent wasting both time and money on an idea that won’t work.
Time. You need to be realistic about the …

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[ 26 Aug 2012 | No Comment ]

The Mumpreneur Awards 2012 are being held at the Mumpreneur UK conference on Sunday 30th September. This week the finalists have been announced and here they are:
Best Start Up sponsored by Yell
Mandy Moore Pre-School Apps Academy Ltd
Michelle Lee Keungzai
Karyn Carson The Price is Wight
Sam Pearce The Potting Shed Spa
Naomi Bloomstein LittleBird Online Ltd
Dina & Helen Aletra Target Social Media Ltd
Sarah Evans RightBag
Maria Albertson Rag Heroes
Anouk Skurek & Christa Morris The Stripy Company
Best Green Business sponsored by SageOne
Alison Chesworth ToyBoxLive Ltd
Cecilia Crossley From Babies With Love
Nicole Frobusch Nixie Clothing
Helena Sait …

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[ 22 May 2012 | No Comment ]

Antonia and Erica have been running the Mumpreneur in a Month eCourse for a couple of years now, and have decided to closes the doors ready for new eCourses which are on the way.
If you’re on our mailing list, you may have taken the course already, or have your own established business and be well past needing this sort of input. So, we’re asking you to tell a friend about the course.
What should you tell them? Well, it is a 30 day eCourse aimed at helping mums develop ways to …

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[ 26 Aug 2011 | 2 Comments ]

A mum has put a new twist on traditional children’s flash cards to help children get to know their family members better.  The award winning personalised flash cards from Who Loves Me help babies, toddlers and children learn more about their extended family who they may not see frequently, while encouraging communication and language skills.

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[ 9 Aug 2011 | No Comment ]

Two in five parents believe that buggy wrist straps should be legal requirement in the UK
Inventor of pram safety strap ‘BuggyTug’, Di Mayze has been talking to parents to hear their views on buggy safety and whether a wrist strap should be made a legal requirement on all buggies and prams sold in the UK, as is the case in Australia. The resulting feedback from parents is loud and clear – they would definitely like to see more safety measures when it comes to the security of a child in …

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[ 14 Jul 2011 | One Comment ]
Mumpreneur Profile: Helen Morgan of Spotty Pencil

Hi, I’m Helen Morgan, and I have just launched a new business, SpottyPencil.com, a website featuring a range of really cute personalised, printable invitations for children.
I’m happily married with three permanently hungry children age 13, 10 and 8 –  two gorgeous boys and an angel of a daughter in the middle.

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[ 1 Jul 2011 | No Comment ]
New Award Launched To Celebrate Working Mum Champions

Do you know of someone in your workplace who has made a big difference to working mums? Maybe a colleague who has set up a parents’ forum at work or a manager who has come up with specific initiatives which benefit working mums? Then Workingmums.co.uk is looking for you.

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[ 30 Jun 2011 | No Comment ]
Mumpreneur Profile: Maxine Lewis of Gander Kids

Name of Business: Gander Kids
Your Name and Age: Maxine Lewis, 36
Tell us about your family I live in SE London with my husband of 8 years, and 2 daughters aged 6 and 3

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[ 29 Jun 2011 | No Comment ]
Strategies for Business Success

I’m going to make this blog post short and sweet because I don’t want you to spend a ton of time reading my blog post, I want you to take action today and make your business better.
In this post I’m going to give you three strategies for success. Pick one and TAKE ACTION today.

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[ 28 Jun 2011 | No Comment ]
Mumpreneur Profile: Gail Morgan of Study in Style

Name of Business: Study in Style
Your Name and Age:  Gail Morgan, 48
Tell us about your family:  I have been married to Gareth for nearly 21 years and we have two children – Katy 16 at school and Tom 19 who is at university.