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[ 26 Apr 2018 | No Comment ]

Not all telecoms solutions are the same, and every business has different requirements. So, make sure you are being quoted for what your business really needs – and don’t just compare prices as you’ll end up comparing apples with pears.
Check the following:

The price is fixed for duration of the contract
No set up fees or minimum charges on calls
Calls rounded up to the nearest minute – this can add 25% to the overall cost of calls
Prices to destinations you call regularly
Special promotions – a charity was being offered free intra-site calls …

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[ 9 May 2016 | No Comment ]
Top tips on how you can get the most out of your day #smarterfasterbetter

Watch our video with productivity guru Charles Duhigg to learn how a few simple steps can transform your day…and your life!
We all know that feeling of getting to the end of the day and feeling like we’ve achieved nothing. And when you’ve got 101 things on your to do list both in your personal life and at work, it’s understandable that things may get away from us.
But we also know those women who seem to be able to achieve so much in just 24 hours, from running a business to …

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[ 19 Sep 2015 | No Comment ]

Think of a virtual assistant – what do you see?  One of the most common stereotypes of a VA is a stay at home mum earning pin money by working in the evenings and juggling childcare.  This image has dogged the industry for many years, and it’s a stereotype that VAs find hard to shake.
Back in 2010, the VA industry’s body www.societyofvirtualassistants.co.uk first asked their members whether this was true – did they have young children and if so, did they have childcare in place?  Strangely, this myth got shattered… …

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[ 22 Nov 2012 | No Comment ]

As the wonder of the web drives more and more people to ditch the commute and work from home, the typical divide between breadwinner and child carer breaks down. And with so many active hours spent in the home, it can easily become a permanent place of work and not the haven of relaxation it might be. These tips can help you avoid falling into the trap of seeing bed as the only refuge come the evening:
Laughter is the best medicine
Above all, you must draw a line in the sand …

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[ 17 Oct 2012 | No Comment ]

With the festive season around the corner and the children well and truly settled back into school life, you may be wondering how you could bring in some extra money and working around your family.
There are many ideas of  that are family friendly and here are our top 5.

Childminder. The best types of family friendly working is one where you are home based and means you can look after your own children too.  If you are interested in becoming a childminder, you will need to register with Ofsted and get …

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[ 22 Aug 2012 | No Comment ]

The school holidays can be a headache for mums in business. Some accept that they aren’t going to be doing much work and reduce their workload down to a minimum.
Other options to help when you do have to work during school holidays include:

The childcare options used by other working parents. Look into local holiday clubs and ask grandparents or uncles and aunties if they could help for a day each week or for an overnight stay. This is fun for kids and can allow you to focus on work and …

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[ 20 Aug 2012 | 2 Comments ]

Keeping business and home-life in check can be tricky, but thanks to a few top tips from life coach Margot Bloom, sometimes all you need is a tidy kitchen!
The true test of a successful business owner is the amount of time that they are able to take away from the business and not the time that they sit at their desks.  There is absolutely no merit in sitting at your desk if you are not being productive and it is proven that when we take time away from our business …

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[ 27 Dec 2011 | No Comment ]

I’ve been testing a Kodak printer this week, and looking at the claim that Kodak can save you money on ink. I started by looking at just how much I can save, compared to my current printer. According to Kodak, I can save £169.23 a year with Kodak series 10 inks. Over the average three year lifespan of a printer that would be a massive £507 (see right). You can do your own printer ink cost comparison here. Kodak say that their printers might cost a little more, but when …

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[ 21 Dec 2011 | One Comment ]

I’m testing out a new printer. This is the second printer I’ve trialled this year, and I’m excited about two things.
First, I used to have to get DH to help me set up anything IT related. Now, either set up has got easier, or I’ve learnt stuff, but I have set the Kodak Hero 7.1 up by myself. Small triumphs! The instructions were easy to follow, the touch screen was intuitive and it is all up and running! The only think that went wrong was that I put the paper …

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[ 5 Dec 2011 | No Comment ]

Just wanted to share with you that Erica and ACE Inspire have recently been featured in the Tesco Magazine. She has been featured in an article which talked about how mumpreneurs are giving back after starting up their own flexible businesses.
Erica explains that it is not only money you can give back to people but also time, advce and support can be just as important. Great ideas when not everyone can afford to donate money in this current economic climate.
To read the full article visit here.