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[ 20 Mar 2015 | No Comment ]

Having a new baby can be overwhelming, and starting a new business is all consuming. So why do so many mums do both? Despite developing flexible working legislation, many jobs still don’t offer sufficient flexibility, and some mums want the freedom of being their own boss to allow them to prioritise time with their new family. Starting a business when you have a newborn can be a big challenge, but it is entirely possible too. Here are some pointers from Antonia Chitty of Family Friendly Working, to get you going:

If …

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[ 11 Feb 2015 | No Comment ]
Tips on Starting  a Franchise

Starting a franchise is a big step. It is exciting: working for yourself with the support of a successful business can feel liberating, but it can also feel like there is a lot to take on board. We’ve gathered some tips from the experts, and have an essential resource for you too, whether you want to buy into a franchise or become a franchisor.
Tip 1: Make use of franchising consultants. Clive Sawyer, the franchise consultant from Business Options, sees franchise consultants as a big part of the team that any …

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[ 18 Dec 2014 | No Comment ]

The rise of the Internet has been a massive help to people looking for a more flexible way of working. It has enabled people to start their own business with very small overheads – whether you want to sell your handmade products, re-sell something mas-produced, or sell a skill, such as your design or computer programming know how.
Even if you are not actually selling online, the web makes it really easy to stay in touch with your customers via email, and order stock, stationery and necessities so much more quickly …

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[ 10 Dec 2014 | No Comment ]
Find out about: Starting Your Own Business

Family Friendly Working is packed with articles on all sorts of topics, whether you want to run your own business, join a party plan or direct sales business, or buy a franchise. In this article. I round up some of our news and advice about starting a business, to make it easier for you to find out what you need to know. 
1. We have a great series of articles on how to create and sell your own product. Loads of tips and advice to take you from the initial …

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[ 31 Oct 2014 | No Comment ]

What factors lead a potential customer to a purchase decision?
There are a wide variety of things that will influence a purchase decision – budget, timing and personal psychology, to name just a few – but according to Richard Edwards of Quatreus Ltd., there is one fundamental factor that brings all these influences together: value.
 Value is a subjective perception created through a blend of need, price and the belief that one product is better than another. ‘Good value’ is seen as a high quality solution which meets all of a customer’s …

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[ 27 Oct 2014 | No Comment ]

Business woman and Financial Planner, Rebecca Robertson, has launched a national female financial advisor firm for the everyday women.
With financial adviser roles being dominated by men, the company’s goal is to create more opportunity for women by creating a franchise, through which women can set up their own advisory business with full support and training, and in turn provide female clients and their family’s advice on their finances.
In September the firm ran their first training course with three new advisers, growing the team to 6. Nadine Monks from Medway is …

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[ 21 Oct 2014 | No Comment ]

With the power of self publishing at our fingertips it has never been easier to write and publish a book. But selling thousands of books is not easy. But it can be done! It comes down to a heady mix of investing your time and energy in crafting a fantastic book and then marketing it with gusto long before the ink has dried on your final page.
Here are some tried and tested tips based on my own experience of writing three Amazon number one bestsellers and securing a publishing deal …

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[ 15 Oct 2014 | No Comment ]
Image courtesy of http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/

Almost two thirds of working mums have considered setting up their own businesses and 38% have put the wheels in motion, according to Workingmums.co.uk’s annual survey. The survey of over 2,390 working parents, sponsored by McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd, covers a wide variety of issues, from childcare and flexible working to finances, discrimination and self employment.
It shows 63% of working mums have considered setting up their own business or franchise, up significantly on last year’s figure of 57%. Of these, 62% are just considering it while 21% are in the early …

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[ 1 Oct 2014 | 2 Comments ]

“To me, flexible working means opportunity.  The opportunity to work the hours that suit me to balance work and family.  The opportunity to work for clients I feel a ‘fit’ with.  The opportunity to earn and work in the profession I love.” Read on to find Lindsey’s three essential flexible working tools.
I am an independent PR practitioner and have been since 2004.  The majority of my career has been in-house and this only changed after I had a child.  When my son was born in 2000, I was Head of …

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[ 15 Sep 2014 | One Comment ]

In this article you can read about Jamie and her business teaching yoga to kids. Discover resources, books and videos to help you do it too.
 Your Name and Age: Jaime Amor 35
Tell us about your family: Just recently married to my partner of 5 years, Martin Amor. We have two labradoodles called Spencer and Mini.
What did you do before coming up with your business idea and how was it making the transition?
I was an actor and kids entertainer living in London. When Martin and I moved to the countryside, I needed …