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[ 27 Oct 2014 | No Comment ]

Business woman and Financial Planner, Rebecca Robertson, has launched a national female financial advisor firm for the everyday women.
With financial adviser roles being dominated by men, the company’s goal is to create more opportunity for women by creating a franchise, through which women can set up their own advisory business with full support and training, and in turn provide female clients and their family’s advice on their finances.
In September the firm ran their first training course with three new advisers, growing the team to 6. Nadine Monks from Medway is …

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[ 15 Oct 2014 | No Comment ]
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Almost two thirds of working mums have considered setting up their own businesses and 38% have put the wheels in motion, according to Workingmums.co.uk’s annual survey. The survey of over 2,390 working parents, sponsored by McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd, covers a wide variety of issues, from childcare and flexible working to finances, discrimination and self employment.
It shows 63% of working mums have considered setting up their own business or franchise, up significantly on last year’s figure of 57%. Of these, 62% are just considering it while 21% are in the early …

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[ 30 Jan 2014 | One Comment ]

If you are looking for a business, you may have considered a franchise. You will need in the region of several thousand pounds to buy one, and you then benefit from support, national advertising, and a business model that has worked for other people. Read this article to find out more about the pros and cons of a franchise business.
About franchises
A franchise is an opportunity for you to buy into a successful business. Someone else has come up with the idea, tested it out and hopefully made a foolproof plan …

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[ 4 Dec 2013 | No Comment ]

From his very first day Andy hated his job as an auditor.  It took 20 years before he could make his leap to be a successful freelance food writer.  But when the opportunity came he ensured he was ready for it and able to escape his windowless office on a trading estate with barbed wires.
Andy taught himself how to cook in his bed sit from the age of 17 in order to impress his girlfriend.   When eating out he became intrigued by what went on behind the swing doors.    Andy …

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[ 29 Nov 2013 | No Comment ]

The Government believes that small businesses have a big part to play in setting the UK on the path to long term, sustainable economic growth. To this end, one of its stated aims in the March 2012 Budget was to make the UK the ‘best place in Europe to start, finance and grow a business’.  But what are the issues facing anyone who fancies going it alone and setting up a new business? As it’s Financial Planning Week, it’s a great time to highlight some of the main financial planning …

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[ 25 Jun 2013 | No Comment ]

Many parents develop ingenious inventions. Some are inspired by a problem they have needed to solve themselves. Others get creative while appearing to be engaged with the children. It can be amazing what your brain comes up with while serving dinner or at bath time. This chapter tells you about how mums and dads got inspired, and the steps they took to get their idea on the market. 
If you would love to come up with an idea for your own product, this is one area where there is no straightforward …

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[ 18 Jun 2013 | No Comment ]

This article looks at help with the costs of training and childcare for while you are studying.
Career Development Loan
If you need financial help to study, you can apply for a Career Development Loan. This is a deferred repayment bank loan to help pay for vocational learning or education. Anyone aged 18 or over can apply for the Loan, to fund any full-time, part-time or distance learning courses of up to two years. If your chosen course is longer than two years you can use a CDL to fund part of …

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[ 14 May 2013 | One Comment ]

Last week we looked at freelancing: this week we’re focusing on a popular area for freelancers, administration. This is a freelance service which merits its own section, because it is one area where anyone with a computer and reasonable language and IT skills can start a business. Play to your strengths. If you are good on the phone, some businesses may need people to make sales calls for them. Others may want a ‘virtual receptionist’ to answer the phones. This is not ideal if you have noisy children at home, but …

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[ 7 May 2013 | No Comment ]

If you have a skill that you have used in your career, could you do it freelance? Using a skill people know you have a talent for will help you when starting out. You should also look at people from previous employment and consider whether they could help you. Some may directly employ freelancers. If so, get in touch with a good resume of what your skills and experience are. Even if they know you well, it won’t hurt to remind them what you offer, and they may pass your …

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[ 30 Apr 2013 | No Comment ]
"Iron Table Or Ironing Board " by John Kasawa

Looking for inspiration for work you can do that fits round the family? Here are some ideas for service businesses, where you swap your time for money:
House finding
Interior design
Party planning
House cleaning
Building flatpack furniture
Pet sitting
Dog walking
Wedding planning