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[ 15 Jun 2017 | No Comment ]

Guest post by Tim Johnson
Life is too short to be grinding it out at work just to pay the bills, yet the bills need to be paid and so the work has to be done.  We live in interesting times of increasing uncertainty and yet with it increasing opportunity.  Never before has it been easier to work from home to run a purpose led business.
Working from home has the benefits of eliminating the daily commute, and being more flexible to meet the needs of the family.  It also has its …

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[ 18 Dec 2014 | No Comment ]

Whilst every family is different, there are several common issues faced by working parents. Here are some of the top problems that crop up time and time again for working parents, and we look at why they are such big issues for us all and how to tackle them.
There are limited roles that fit around school hours, and those that do don’t tend to pay particularly well.  The popularity recently for zero-hour contracts and shift working with days and hours changing weekly can make it hard to find a …

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[ 31 Oct 2010 | One Comment ]
A work at home mum and half-term

If you’re work from home mum, how has the half-term gone for you this week? I’ve got three children and only the eldest is at school, however I’ve found it hard to get work done this week with all three of them around.
I had a plan to get organised before this half-term, I was going to put the hours in to get some work done in advance. This would have meant having to work slightly fewer hours during half-term week. However plans like that don’t always work out. The week …

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[ 12 Jun 2010 | One Comment ]
Managing a Portfolio Career – top tips from Slummy Single Mummy

There are some days at work, (by which of course I mean ‘in my spare room’), when I just can’t focus. I open outlook, read a couple of emails, switch to twitter, open a blank word document… nothing seems to hold my attention for more than two minutes and I end up in a frenzy of inactivity – a dozen windows open on the laptop but getting absolutely nothing done.
There has been a huge surge in popularity over recent years, for parents particularly, in ‘portfolio careers’ – basically an exciting …

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[ 9 Nov 2009 | No Comment ]
Brits Waste 4.6 Million Hours A Day Commuting

Research launched as part of National Commute Smart Week finds ‘smart commuting’ could dramatically reduce travel to and from work
• 62% of commuters want to reduce time spent travelling to and from work
• Being stuck in traffic, travelling in the dark and wasting time are big frustrations
• 46% say bosses won’t allow them to ‘commute smart’ to reduce their travel time
British workers are wasting 4.6 million hours a day commuting, according to a research report by Citrix GoToMyPC launched today to coincide with National Commute Smart Week. The survey of …

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[ 13 Jul 2009 | No Comment ]
How To Escape The Guilt Trap

As mums we beat ourselves up about a lot of things – what our children eat, how they behave, how much TV they watch – the potential for feeling guilty is endless. Add to the pot the added guilt that Work at Home Mums feel about not spending as much time with their family and you could be heading for guilt-overload.
Guilt is a state which occurs when you believe you have done something you shouldn’t, or conversely, when you haven’t done something you think you should – and so has the potential …

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[ 2 Jul 2009 | No Comment ]
Some days you just shouldn’t try too hard

Parenting can feel like a competition some days. Is you house spotless? Are your kids off to school with shiny shoes and tidy hair? It can be particularly bad at the end of term. Have you made cakes for the school fair, donated a bottle for the tombola, attended the end of term play and made it to parents’ evening? You can end up  feeling under pressure.
This week, the Family Friendly Working blog is looking at coaching. You may think that coaching is all about achieving perfection, but it doesn’t …

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[ 30 Jun 2009 | 2 Comments ]
Book Review: The Optimized Woman

As I’ve  got older I have become more aware of the role of hormones in how I feel.  I’m particularly interested in the changes I have experienced personally, and seen in others, after having children as it seems to unleash creativity in women.
And have you ever let rip in the week before your period? Some people may call that PMT, but it can also be a useful way of addressing lurking issues and clearing the air.
You may or may not feel that your hormones change the way you work but I’d …

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[ 2 Jun 2009 | No Comment ]

Emma Wimhurst, 42, self-made millionaire entrepreneur, broadcaster, speaker and writer, has three children under the age of ten and refers to herself as ‘an ordinary woman who achieved extraordinary results!’ She has create sfinancial freedom for herself with the hot success of an entrepreneurial venture which rocked her to a lifestyle that more than matched her needs! Her venture began with her firstborn on her hip. She applied her passion and knowledge for business with scorching zeal, applied personal development skills and life/work balance structures to ensure the business niche …

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[ 5 May 2009 | One Comment ]
Harriet Morris’s 7 Toddler Tips For Working Mums

For working mums with a toddler, returning to work can be fraught with anxiety. Here are some tips to help you cope.
1.How many hours a week should you work is a question that only you can answer. The debate raging in the media is tiresome and irrelevant for 3
reasons: it centers on working full time or not at all (so many mums work part time), it assumes that all children are the same, and presumes that every mum has a choice about the hours they work.
2. Combat guilt at leaving …