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[ 16 Dec 2017 | No Comment ]

A perfect work-life balance is often touted as an ideal. Achieving it in all areas at the same time, such as family, faith, career, health, fun, and friends can be a challenge. However, you can make choices today that increase the odds you’ll achieve your goals and be successful in more than one area. Here are tips on how you can find success in both your career and personal life.
Set Your Priorities for the Long Term
You don’t want to live a life that alternates between “thank God it’s Friday” and …

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[ 6 Dec 2017 | No Comment ]
Why you can’t get away with little white lies on  your CV anymore!

 Author and careers/careers advice expert, Edd Williams, shares his extensive experience of working on more than 100,000 CVs over the past decade, in light of the recent survey results showing three in five employers have rejected a candidate for lying on their CV.
“When I first started out in recruitment about a decade and a half ago it was a different time, I don’t say that as some sort of happy recollection of a halcyon era, quite the opposite in fact, it was time and labour intensive just to get a …

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[ 18 Sep 2015 | No Comment ]

The global hotel industry enjoys a total revenue of $457bn, so it’s easy to see why people seek careers within it – to enjoy competitive rates of pay, clear career ladders and the chance to reap the rewards.
Salaries are a strong point when it comes to the industry, with hotel management on average taking home £33,960 a year, sous-chefs £26,588 and receptionists earning £19,698, according to reed.co.uk. The median for gross annual earnings in the country at the last count was £27,200, so roles within the industry fall close to …

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[ 19 Apr 2011 | No Comment ]
Mumpreneur Profile: Emma Major of Spinning Careers

My name is Emma; I am 26 years old, a mum to five year old Rachel and wife to Mike.  Before motherhood I ran my own business as a risk and value manager and facilitator on civil engineering projects.  I closed it when Rachel was born, enabling me to focus on motherhood, local voluntary work and lay ministry in our church.
Babies become toddlers, toddlers become pre-schoolers and before you know it your baby is at school full time.  I had extra time on my hands and the cost of living …

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[ 22 Jun 2009 | No Comment ]
Will Your CV Get You The Job?

There is a huge skill base and a wealth of experience that exists with mums returning to work but the reality is that it very difficult for many to get back into the world of employment. The good news is that this is often down to the way you present your CV, which is easy to improve if you follow some simple tips:
Identify what you’re good at.
Based on the assumption that you have been out of the work place for a while, the first thing you need to do is to …