Family Friendly Working: The Book by Antonia Chitty

Family Friendly Working started off as a book, which is still helping thousands of parents find a better way to work.  I was inspired to write it after working with hundreds of parents who had found flexible work or set up their own businesses. The Family Friendly Working book is all about finding ways to work and still have the time you want to spend with your family.

You’ve probably already found that life with kids means that you are perpetually short of time, and the money doesn’t seem to last until the end of the month. Or maybe you have far too much time on your hands and would love to have something more interesting to do. Using the experience of more than a hundred parents who have found creative ways round the problems, I’ve written a book that  is packed with solutions and inspiring ideas to make your working life more family friendly. There is no easy solution, and you will still find that there are not enough hours in the day, but if you’re looking for something beyond the nine-to-five, you will find hundreds of helpful ideas in Family Friendly Working which is published by White Ladder Press.

If this sounds like the right book for you, you can buy it here. The Family Friendly Working book costs £10. You can pay by credit / debit card through paypal or by cheque. UK second class post and packing is included in the price you see. Overseas postage rates are £2.58 airmail to anywhere within Europe and £4.12 airmail rest of world.

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