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Marketing trends and predictions all point to the importance of agile strategies capable of responding to audience behaviour in real-time, and UK businesses agree that staying close to changing customer demands is key to driving growth.
A recent study by Oxford Economics shows UK SMEs are more confident than ever before in 2018 and 41% plan on using their agility, innovation and strong customer relationships to reach ambitious targets. With all this in mind, now is a great time to consider whether your marketing strategy is aligned with your goals according to Instant Offices.

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By now, you’re probably well aware of the UK’s Gender Pay Gap. A government report revealed an average GPG of 9.3%, with only 11% of women employed by a company that pays women an equal or higher salary than men. That means 89% of women work for a company that pays women, on average, less than men.

The Gender Pay Gap cannot be attributed to one specific cause, but results from a combination of several factors like the fact that men are more likely to be employed within more senior roles …

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The Mums Enterprise Roadshow, has confirmed that their two-day event in London, will now be taking place on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd February, 2019 (instead of 28th and 29th September 2018) in its new London home, Olympia London.
The decision to postpone the event for a further four months is a result of a company restructure, which will see Mum’s Enterprise Roadshow evolve from a Limited Company into a Community Interest Company.
Lindsey Fish, Founder and CEO Of Mum’s Enterprise Ltd comments, “The purpose of Mums Enterprise is to change the …

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The flexibility afforded by running your own business from home means you can control your work-life balance far better than working an ordinary office job. However, it also means you have to constantly work to maintain your existing customer base and work to reach potential new clients. Although this may sometimes seem daunting and a big challenge for one person, there are in fact a few tried and tested steps that will help you keep a strong business profile with ease. Here we take a look at just three examples …

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By Flora Davidson, Supplycompass
If you’re starting a fashion, accessories or homewares brand, at some point you’ll need to choose the type of manufacturer to partner with. Should you go for a Cut Make Trim (CMT) partner or a fully-factored partner abroad?
CMT partners
 Cut Make Trim [CMT] units cut the material, make the garment and add the trims. It’s is a good option for brands starting out because they can cater for much smaller order runs. Strong tech packs, pre-made patterns and experience procuring fabrics and managing supply chains all help make …

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Are you worried about your health? If you’re reading this and you’re male you may be saying no already: men tend not to share their health worries, nor focus on their health as much as women. But a new campaign from Lloyds Pharmacy is aiming to change all this.
Talking Health is a digital magazine from LloydsPharmacy. The magazine looks at some of the most important men’s health topics. You can read about everything from hair loss myths, to contraception advice, to the importance of sexual wellbeing.  And to make sure that …

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When a person dies, their debt doesn’t die with them. It is, in fact, paid out of the estate (money and property they leave behind). If your husband, wife or civil partner dies you’re only responsible for their debts if you had a joint loan, agreement or provided a loan guarantee – you’re not automatically responsible.
Before we go any further if there’s no will or the value of the estate is above a certain amount, you’ll need  special permission called probate. This is a document that gives you the legal …

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Purchases resulting from organic search are something that is available to every business owner, but a little knowledge can help you improve how your business makes the most of this strategy. Here are five simple dos and don’ts to help you make the most of organic search:
DO: Create relevant and quality content to match each stage of the buying cycle, taking your potential purchaser from information seeking to decision making to purchase.
DON’T: just create content at random or for the sake of filling pages. Have a strategy and make content …

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Are you thinking about starting a business from home? If you have limited funds, this can be one of the best ways to get yourself up and running, before then having the option to move onto a bigger premises. Starting a business is not easy and neither is keeping it afloat. However, if you follow our tips below, you will be well on your way to creating a successful business from home. Carry on reading to find out more!
What Are Your Talents?
Before starting a business from home, you will need …

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By Dave Millett, Equinox
Once they’ve checked location and price, Wifi is the top facility that people look for when booking accommodation. They expect a quality Internet connection so it worth the effort to make sure you have the best possible
What happens after a stay at a hotel with unreliable connectivity? And what can you do about this?
Lost revenue
If customers cannot work in their room, they probably cannot work in the bar/restaurant either, because it’s on the same connection. They’ll go elsewhere and you lose significant food and beverage revenues.
Reception is …