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Two studies into white collar flexible working published by Ten2Two, highlight how employees can give themselves the best chance of securing flexible working.
83% of employers offer flexible working (45% formally and 38% informally) and that 74% of flexible working requests were granted however there some forms of flexible working were more popular than others.
Employers preferred the flexible working options below:

46% – Part-time week (e.g. three full days a week)
54% – Part-time day (e.g. reduced hours, every day)
34% – Part-time day/week (less than five days per week plus reduced hours)
8% – Job-share
47% – Working from home (all or part …

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Earlier this summer I did a live twitter Q&A session on how to create engaging content with Sage. If you missed it, here are some of the tips I shared.

What is the most important thing you should know before creating content?

Ask yourself some quick questions. WHO is it aimed at? WHAT do you want them to do after seeing your content? HOW will you get them to act?

What benefits will you get from creating content?

Without fresh content any website is static: consumers today expect sites to have new and current …

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Ransomware has become the bogeyman of the IT world, sending managers, freelancers and, well, just about everyone really, into a sweat. It seems like it’s a new threat, but it’s thought that the first versions – scareware – started hassling people way back in 2005.
What is ransomware?
Scareware used to frighten people into believing that all their information would be broadcast to the world at large if they didn’t pay up before the deadline; but in reality, this threat had no basis at all. The malware couldn’t get into any files …

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It might just be a case of ‘the grass is greener on the other side’, but according to a new survey from furniture@work,  66% of people surveyed would prefer to work from home. I’ve worked mainly from home for the last fifteen years, and it’s not all roses, but I can empathise with some of the issues that the survey found. 38% of those surveyed said the most annoying thing about working in an office is “too many distractions”, 17% specified their colleagues, 14% the workload  and 14%  the temperature! …

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Is your bank doing it’s job? As the owner of an SME or microbusiness it often seems like the bank is looking after its own needs first, and new research from Tide, the mobile-first business banking service backs that up. Here are the top five reasons that they feel high street banks aren’t suitable for the needs of today’s small businesses.

Setting up a business account is confusing and time consuming: High street banks request endless documents to SMEs before they can start sending and receiving money. If providing proof of …

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Last week, we climbed, canoed, went orienteering, shot clay pigeons, walked to Mont St Michel and made bread. We built a raft, did an assault course and tie dyed t-shirts. We played palet and petanque, had a campfire, and some of us tasted wines of Normandy.
We have just returned from a fabulous week with Family Adventure Holidays at their Normandy Chateau. We slept in a treehouse up in a small woodland village along with four other families in a mix of yurts, treehouses and a cottage. Conditions were fairly simple, …

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Up to one in three of the workforce are now in precarious employment – defined as those in the gig economy, on zero or short hours contracts, temporary workers, the underemployed and those at risk of bogus self-employment, according to a new survey for the GMB. Precarious work impacts on the individual worker, their family and on the Treasury.
The poll found:

61% suffered stress or anxiety as a result of their current job
61% have been to work while unwell for fear of not being paid, losing their job or missing out …

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Last week we looked at Paternity Leave, and this week, with help from the folk at Instant Offices we take a closer look at what maternity leave looks like around the world… and it might not be quite how you think.
Which Countries have the most maternity leave?



1.       SWEDEN

2.       CROATIA

(until 6 months) – rest paid by State

3.       NORWAY

4.       UK


Employer (92% refunded by public funds)

5.       SERBIA

 Which are the Best Industries for Working Mothers?
As a mother, not only do you need time off, and generous pay, but …

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It seems that whatever the country, whatever the economic context, one question is becoming ever more pertinent: what is the future of work in an era of exponential technology development? “Artificial intelligence is arguably the big game changer and becoming more commonplace. We already see narrow AI in use in internet searches, customer targeting applications, and in predictive analytics. But AI has much greater capability that will merge into every aspect of our lives in the future. Increasingly devices will learn more about us, provide an ever-increasing range of support …

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Improving sleep has just got easier with the launch of a brand new, expert-driven, self-help tool. With parents losing out on more than six weeks’ worth of sleep in a single year of caring for a newborn*, The Sleep Council has created The 30 Day Better Sleep Plan to help people wanting to improve their sleep and prevent more serious and prolonged issues.
The 18 question and answer format available on the website ( builds a downloadable tailored plan which people are encouraged to follow for 30 days using The Sleep …