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Your Name and Age: Elspeth Fawcett 35
Your business: Yummikeys,
Tell us about your family
I’ve been married to my husband Sam for 8 years and we have 3 children – Rebecca 5, Hamish 3 and Sebastian 1. We also have a springer spaniel and 5 chickens.
What did you do before coming up with your business idea and how was it making the transition?
I worked as a chartered accountant for a life insurance company in Edinburgh before starting Yummikeys. I have a degree in Environmental Science and after finishing without a clear …

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Creative Allies, the North’s first Freelance Creative Network, is putting heart and soul into the freelance revolution, as new statistics highlight the rise in professional Mums choosing to embrace self-employed status.
Research from IPSE – The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed – reveals that over the past 10 years, there’s be a 54% increase in Mothers leaving their full-time employment to go freelance with a sharp uptake over the past 12 months surging a boost in economy.
With 304,000 self-employed women boosting the economy across the UK, the wave of …

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The finalists of the 2019 Barclaycard everywoman in Retail Awards have just been announced, showcasing the retail industry’s top female talent.
The changing face of retail is a key topic for UK business in 2019 as evolving shopping habits, the rise of online retailers, and the disappearance of larger names on the UK’s high street are causing the industry to evolve more rapidly than ever before. Bricks and mortar retailers are having to develop new techniques to drive sales and footfall whilst both on and offline outlets are working to transform …

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By Dan Kieran, co-founder and CEO of Unbound
For small business owners the internet provides wonderful opportunities to build a following and engage directly with fans.   Yet, although growing a fanbase is much easier than it would have been in the past, we are now in an ‘age of free content’ which makes it much harder to earn money through creativity, except through ever more intrusive advertising.
However, content creators are much more interested in how to monetise quality content that their fans love than in bombarding them with advertising. One way …

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By Gary Young, Equinox
We are constantly bombarded with advertisements encouraging us to sign a contract for high-speed fibre-optic broadband.  But is fibre-optic really the best option for your small business or for family use?
The answer is probably not! Let review what you need to know, why you shouldn’t bother to get it installed (although if you already have it – great) and what your options are.
Data is getting much cheaper on the 4G network, with networks such as EE and Lycamobile offering unlimited data plans (albeit with significant speed …

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[ 30 Aug 2019 | No Comment ]

Name and age:  Lauren Riddell, 30 years old and Rob Scott-Branton, 26
Tell us about your family:
We live with out two children in Livingston, West Lothian, near Edinburgh. We have two dogs and live next door to my mother-in-law – which has massive benefits when you are self-employed and juggling childcare.
Together we run Kids Gone Wild, offering nature and woodland based experiences for children and families, and environmental education for school groups and clubs. We teach children to preserve and respect the outdoors away from screens and sofas.
Lauren is the …

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3/4 of firms want £10,000 earnings trigger to be reduced or removed 
Employers support the targeted extension of automatic enrolment to more workers. 74% of businesses want to see it made available to the self-employed and those earning less than £10,000, allowing for more part-time workers and those with multiple jobs to better save for their future retirement.
A CBI/Scottish Widows survey of 240 firms finds near unanimous recognition of the business case (98%) and moral case (95%) for providing a competitive workplace pension. Auto-enrolment has led to 10 million workers …

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Being an involved and responsible parent while also doubling as the owner of one or more businesses can represent a significant challenge, especially if you’re not taking a multi-faceted approach to improving your productivity. Focusing too much on the business can take away from your ability to be productive as a parent. On the flip side, letting the kids distract you during work hours will ensure that you never reach peak productivity in your business endeavours. With that said, here are 7 ways you can create an environment and routine …

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Adam Simpson, Commercial Director at Liquidity Club says that CEOs need to understand the processes in their businesses that will unlock working capital.
In any growing business cash is king. However, political uncertainty over the last three years has seen UK companies make money at a slower rate, while spending increasing amounts of working capital on the process of stockpiling. This is proving a dilemma for those CEOs who want to take their company to the next level.
As we approach a crucial juncture for the UK economy, it is imperative that …

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 By Laura Gozney, co-founder of Gozney
When you’ve had a great idea for a high-quality product for the food industry and developed it, perhaps in your own kitchen, what next?  How can you persuade a restaurant that this is a must-have and get your product sold?
First approaches
Aim high! Go for the big names and large chains. A good place to start is businesses you feel have brand or culture alignment with your product. If you are a match, it’ll be hard to ignore you.
It can be more difficult to break …