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Looking back to my first big presentation I now understand why it was not a success.  Weeks went into designing the content. What didn’t get work on was the performance “mindset” which I needed. In the 20 year since then I have developed my own method: Communicating with P.O.W.E.R.  Follows these steps and you’ll deliver successful speeches and presentations every time.
For effective communication you need:  presence of mind, body, and voice.
To connect with your audience on a mental level needs presence of mind.  You can prime your audience for your …

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When it comes to the most luxurious ways to fly, the main problem for many individuals and businesses is that they are also the most expensive. If you’ve got plenty in the bank then the top most expensive and luxurious ways to fly can be perfect. For companies running on a much lower (and more reasonable) budget, there are other ways to create a high-class flying experience for employees and clients at a much lower cost.
Group Charter Flights
Rather than booking a number of individual flights and even then ending up …

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The Italian Lake District is a popular spot for families and each of the five major lakes there all have very different characters. However, they have one feature in common: they all offer families the perfect combination of a peaceful holiday, picturesque landscapes, good food, and plenty of sunshine in the summer months.
In this post, we’ll take a brief look at the three main Italian lakes and what makes them so popular with families.
Lake Garda
The largest of the Italian Lakes, Garda is bordered by three distinct regions – the Veneto, …

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Bad Mother is about trust, our relationship with strangers in the modern world, and how we judge each other as mothers.
The Bad Mother team are currently looking for support for this short film, written by mums about mums. We are in preproduction, scheduled to shoot atthe end of April 2018.
“I am often disappointed by the rose tinted version of motherhood we see in films and TV – I don’t always believe it. This story has come from an experience that I had, so I hope it will have an authenticity to it” …

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Employment organisations call for part-time apprenticeships

A new report from Young Women’s Trust, Trust for London, flexibility experts Timewise and Learning and Work Institute today reveals that potentially thousands of people are missing out on the opportunity to train because of a lack of part-time apprenticeship opportunities.
Just one in ten apprentices are contracted for less than 30 hours per week, leaving the training out of reach for many who are unable to work full-time – particularly women, people with caring responsibilities, disabled people and young people leaving the care system. Instead, these groups often find themselves …

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(Hint: ask them to read this article)
By Edd Williams, careers expert and author of Is Your School Lying To You?
Are you Experienced?
‘Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing.’ Oscar Wilde
Experience in this instance is less to do with age and how many times you’ve been around the block but rather the value of the activities you’ve taken part in, the situations you’ve put yourself in and what you’ve learnt from them. Doing something without learning from it can’t reasonably be considered an experience – it’s just something you …

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Many entrepreneurs have turned to the self-help industry for inspiration – and for some it has certainly been a good move. But unfortunately, like any industry there is good and bad within it. The 2016 CNN documentary ‘Enlighten us’, on the deaths of three self-help devotees, issues a warning: beware the self-appointed guru on a giant ego trip.
Increasingly accused of exploiting the vulnerable and the weak, the self-help industry appeals to a fundamental desire in all humans: to find meaning, gratification and simple solutions to life’s complexities. So potentially, almost anybody can be drawn in.
Given the …

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Bitcoin has captured the imagination of would-be investors everywhere.  Whether or not this cryptocurrency will turn out to be a good investment remains to be seen.  Towards the end of 2017, Bitcoin prices enjoyed a run-up that makes the dotcom bubble look staid in comparison.  This excitement and the promise of overnight riches has a lot of people wondering how investing in Bitcoin actually works.  If that’s you, make sure to take a look at our step-by-step guide on how to trade Bitcoin.
What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin had an exceptional year in …

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Many of us develop great depth of knowledge and experience over our careers. But are we good at advertising this?  Do all the right people know just how valuable our experience is?  If not, one powerful way to raise your profile is to give fantastic presentations.  Here are some tips on how to make the most of your hard-won experience.
Choose your topic and prepare
With a broad knowledge of your industry, it may be difficult to pick just one topic. Find something that will truly interest your target audience. In The …

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…and British parents taking money from their children’s piggy banks to pay their January debts

Research* released  from CYBG’s digital banking service B reveals finances in general are the biggest cause of concern in 2018, for over a third (36%) of people in Britain. Money management is set to be more worrying than health, the health of loved ones, career prospects or their housing situation.
Following Christmas spending, almost a quarter (23%) of the country are concerned about meeting at least one major debt repayment this month, such as credit card bills …