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[ 29 Aug 2010 | No Comment ]
Working parents rely on mum and dad for childcare

40% of mothers feel that the cost of childcare is preventing them from returning to work.

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[ 22 Jul 2010 | No Comment ]
Dadpreneur Profile: Yossi of TakeCare

My name is Yossi Pinkas and I am CEO and Founder of TakeCare, a provider of online personality and risk assessments of Nannies, Au Pairs and Babysitters. TakeCare’s NannyTest helps parents assess potential caregivers by providing a better insight into their personality and traits, as well as an assessment of possible risk factors.

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[ 4 Jul 2010 | No Comment ]
Guest Blogger: Kate of Giggling at it All on Work and Grandmas!

If you’re going back to work, have you thought about using your parents or in-laws to help with childcare? Read this guest blog from Kate of Giggling at it All as she shares the ups and downs of this arrangement.
When you first have your baby, you are fascinated by the new little human being in your family.  I gazed at my first son and wanted to spend every minute of every day with him.  However, with a strong work ethic, a clueless feeling about being a mum and grandparents …

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[ 10 May 2010 | No Comment ]
Flexible Business Opportunity: Childminding

Description of the business that someone could start:
Becoming a registered childminder means being a self employed childcare provider, working from your own home. Many local authorities can offer you a start-up grant which will help to pay for your first year of business as a registered childminder.