What one thing in your office is indispensible?

image 1When you work in a home office, it’s easy to find that you are using an odd assembly of furniture that has been borrowed from other parts of the house. This higgledy-piggledy approach works when you are getting started, but it does have its down sides. I’d been working at a big wooden table, just using a dining chair, until I started my MA. As part of that, I got a work station assessment, and a fabulous new supportive office chair. It is super-adjustable – I can change the height I sit at, the angle of the back rest, the height of the arms, and it has transformed my working day. I used to think I had a dodgy back, but maybe it was just that I was sitting in the wrong chair.

Here are three tips to help you assess what might transform your office too:

1. Do you end up with pain or discomfort when working? If you are like me, that’s the first thing to sort out. Look at the way your workstation is set up. What angle is your head at when you look at the screen? Does your back feel supported, do your feet rest easily on the ground? Any of these factors can cause you stress, pain or headaches so sort these out as a priority.

2. Do you have a place for everything? If your office is full of heaps of projects and papers it can be hard to work effectively. Throw out anything that is not needed, and then create storage for ongoing projects. Even simple plastic boxes can help you divide up projects and see at a glance where you are. Then you could work towards getting the perfect storage in the longer term.

3. What brings joy to your office? If you have an ill assorted set of furniture, would a lick of paint bring everything together and make it a more pleasant place to work? Do you have plants, photos or pictures to inspire you. Invest in your office and you’ll find every working day is a little bit better.

What one bit of office furniture would transform your working day?


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