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[ 26 Jun 2017 | No Comment ]

We live in a world of stories. And storytelling can help us explain our business and make it resonate with our audience. So what makes a great story? The typical response is that the content has to be interesting, exciting or amusing. But according to Chris Hirsch of Toastmasters International, this couldn’t be further from the truth. A compelling story has little to do with the content and everything to do with the structure.
All stories, whatever the content, follow the same simple structure:

You start by setting the scene (Once upon …

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[ 21 Jun 2017 | No Comment ]

Guest post by Steve Bustin
As Oscar Wilde so sagely pointed out, the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. If you’re self-employed, running your own micro-business or if you’re working for someone else, you need people to know who you are and what you can do for them. It can help you find customers and make sales, get a new job or establish you as an industry ‘player’ or someone of influence.
While PR (public relations) looks at the management of reputation and perception by the …

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[ 19 Jun 2017 | No Comment ]

We often dismiss ‘culture’ as a load of self-serving consultant speak.  Companies roll out initiatives designed to improve the working culture, there is a big hurrah, then things would settle back to the way they have always been.  But, since culture is all about creating a positive and productive environment, we should really pay it more attention – and ensure we make sustainable changes. Jean Gamester from Semaphora has long been fascinated by work culture, about how to create and sustain environments that people feel great about being part of, …

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[ 17 Jun 2017 | No Comment ]

In life you are either selling, or being sold to. And in the context of job-seeking; if you don’t sell yourself when looking for work, you should expect someone else to land the job you deserve.
Selling yourself in the job market is about finding your voice – says Richard Pimm of Toastmasters International. Anyone looking for candidates wants to know what you are, first. And yet, incredibly, when jobseekers are asked this predictable question, they all too often give a useless fluffy answer, or worse, they give their life story.
Do …

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[ 15 Jun 2017 | No Comment ]

Guest post by Tim Johnson
Life is too short to be grinding it out at work just to pay the bills, yet the bills need to be paid and so the work has to be done.  We live in interesting times of increasing uncertainty and yet with it increasing opportunity.  Never before has it been easier to work from home to run a purpose led business.
Working from home has the benefits of eliminating the daily commute, and being more flexible to meet the needs of the family.  It also has its …

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[ 8 Jun 2017 | No Comment ]

How well our business performs depends very much on the state of our mind. When we feel positive and good about ourselves we find answers to challenges. When we feel low, irritable or generally out of sorts we make poor decisions and lose confidence.
But, what is it that determines whether we feel upbeat and courageous or uncertain and fearful?
John Reynard, author of ‘The Spiritual Route to Entrepreneurial Success’ believes the answer lies in whether we are in alignment with our real core being, the essence of who we really are, …

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[ 5 Jun 2017 | No Comment ]

Guest article by Dave Millett, Equinox
From a one-person microbusiness upwards we all need telecoms. The variety available means it’s hard to be certain you’re getting the right deal and you can find yourself with contracts it’s hard to escape from.
Don’t believe everything
You may find suppliers saying “you’re still in contract”. But this isn’t always true. The supplier may have recorded dates incorrectly or could even be trying to mislead you. Ask for a copy of the signed contract, e-contract, or recording of the contractual conversation.  The onus is on the …

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[ 3 Jun 2017 | No Comment ]

Someone is made ill by stress at work every two minutes, and Shepherds Friendly Society has created an infographic to help everyone learn more about this important issue. It addresses the causes, symptoms and how to beat stress in the workplace, to help those suffering from stress. Read and share, to encourage employers to think more about the health and wellbeing of their staff as many people suffering from stress, often suffer in silence.
Don’t forget to check out the tips to beat stress too.
Recent research has found that organisations …

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[ 1 Jun 2017 | No Comment ]

History is punctuated by the names of great explorers; we all know Columbus, Amundsen, and Armstrong. But for every Leif Erikson, Marco Polo, Lewis & Clark and David Livingstone who struck out on a journey of discovery, there were many more people who were happy to stay exactly where they were.  We don’t know those people’s names.
And it’s the same in the business world. We don’t know Richard Branson’s name because he’s super-rich; we know Branson because he became super-rich pushing boundaries.
Shweta Jhajharia of The London Coaching Group (above, …

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[ 30 May 2017 | No Comment ]

If you’ve invested in a MacBook, you want to make it last and keep it looking good and functioning well. No device lasts for ever, but if you follow these tips and pieces of advice for caring for your MacBook, you’ll get the most out of it and won’t have to replace it too soon.
How to clean your MacBook
Your choice of cloth is very important – it should be clean, very soft and lint-free, as well as only just damp. If you squeeze and wring the cloth as hard as …