Could You Streamline Your Outgoings by Reducing Your Energy Bills?

Light bulbAs the nation braces itself for yet more energy price hikes, what can working parents do to do ensure they are paying the lowest possible amount for their gas and electricity? Or more importantly, what can industrialists do to trim down business electricity rates?

It feels like we can barely turn on the news these days, without hearing about some energy company being criticised for increasing their prices yet again. This has been a common theme ever since deregulation in 1999 and despite firms such as British Gas recording significant profits just last year, these hikes just seem to continue. So, what can we do to ensure we aren’t effected too badly by these seemingly continuous price increases from the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers and even the smaller providers?

Why Not Switch Energy Supplier?

The fact of the matter is, that despite these price surges; the majority of UK home energy and business energy customers have not even looked into switching their suppliers. This is a tactic which can result in the customer in question saving hundreds of pounds a year. There are all sorts of fantastic price comparison sites out there who can do all the legwork and find each customer the most appropriate supplier and tariff for their specific needs. You may also consult your commercial electrician about which energy supplier to choose and discuss other ways to reduce your energy bill.

Use The High Quality Price Comparison Sites…

Some people seem to be put off the concept of price comparison sites, as they are ultimately out for financial gain but there are some out there that can save you instant money. For example, Love Energy Savings are the only energy price comparison service to provide you with instant energy prices without having to put you through a laborious call back. Business and home energy comparison site such as these really are a godsend and are no brainer for anyone wanting to reduce the monthly outgoings of their home or place of work. Variable electricity rates Edmonton have recently been much more expensive than fixed rates.

Energy Prices to Rise Again with the Budget…

With the budget just around the corner, there are (believe it or not) even more price increases predicted for later in 2014. As many energy providers are required to improve their infrastructure going forward to sustain suppliers and accommodate renewable sources, the only way they can generate the £118 billion required is to hike their prices once again. It is thought that energy bills could even surpass £2,000 per year by 2020 for the average household. Issues such as these make it all the more important for individuals to ensure that they are on the cheapest energy tariff and with the right supplier, to be confident that they have offset at least some of the increases they are going to surely suffer.

Charles Whitworth is part of the Love Energy Savings team and is passionate about the energy sector. He is committed to finding home owners and business the best prices for their energy and is also a great purveyor of renewable energy sources. Take a look at his Google+ profile to find out more!