Three ideas to help you create a brilliant boys bedroom

Boys bedroom ideas 2 What sort of bedroom does your son have? It can be harder to create a fun boys bedroom that is a great place to play AND which is also calming and sleep inducing – I know my boys’ ideas of decorations would lean towards ninjas and zombies which would give me nightmares! Read on to find plenty of ideas that will take into account both your boys interests and also create a calming sleep zone. 1. Choose your characters. When you are looking for boys bedroom ideas, ask your kids first. If they are like mine they will have plenty of ideas about what they would like. Lego Ninjas, Ben 10, Super Mario … my boys have all sorts of favourites and they usually are branded characters. if you look at the cost of fully decking out a bedroom in branded merchandise, it can really add up. Don’t panic, though. Shop around for one or two key items: currently we have character duvets and curtains which didn’t cost too much and are easy to change. Boys bedroom ideas 32. Choose your colours. Once you have your characters, think about your key colours. Most characters have a defining colour that stands out – red for Super Mario, green for Ben 10 and so on. Remember, though, the colour of the bedroom can have an impact on the quality of your child’s sleep. Think about the typical colours used in many of your child’s toys. Bright colours tend to dominate a child’s world, and that’s great when it’s playtime. But if you have ever eaten in a fast food restaurant, surrounded by red, yellow and orange, and wondered why the children gobble their food and then want to run around, just look at the walls. Bright colours tend to be less restful. Fast food chains use bright colours to speed up people so they eat and leave rapidly, and the restaurant can serve more diners. So appreciate that if your child’s bedroom is full of bright colours they may well find it harder to wind down. Even plain white walls reflect the maximum amount of light. You could think about toning down bright colours: one example of this is to change super bring red for beige with red woodwork. You’ll find a complete change in the atmosphere. And soft colours can work well for boys – choose pastel blues and greens for a calming room, or pale green and beige for one with a nature theme that will work for both genders. Consider this when you are next redecorating. And if you plan on redecorating or  adding some decor to the wall, do not forget to check out for they have some really amazing ideas. Boys bedroom ideas 1Hot colours, are also often Stimulating Colours. Stick to small highlights if you want to use Red,  Orange  or Yellow Cool colours, tend also to be Calming colours. Pick Purples and lilacs, Dark and pale blues and all sorts of Green 3. Super storage. Storage is key if your boys are like mine. I’m lucky enough to be related to a fantastic carpenter who built in bunk beds and cupboards for us. The boys’ room is an awkward shape, but the bunks fit into a small space perfectly, and Nick even added shelves at the end of each bed for books and toys. We also have a row of cupboards and shelves against the other wall. It is really helpful for good sleep if your child’s bedroom is full of bright toys, if they can be put away. This helps little ones know that it’s time to switch off. Storage can make it easier to clean the room too! The bunk beds have two big drawers underneath for more storage space, and I’ve been using some of Marie Kondo‘s ideas to organise the boys clothes. Already that’s made it easier for the little one to pick out his t-shirts. This post is in collaboration with homify

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