The Ultimate Guide to Working from Home

Working from home is perhaps the most family-friendly working arrangement available. It allows parents the flexibility to manage their work commitments while still spending plenty of precious time with their children. With more and more companies waking up to the benefits of flexible working and allowing their employees the freedom to work from home, more workers are discovering that simply setting up your laptop at the kitchen table doesn’t cut the mustard as a long-term solution. If you’re serious about working from home on a full-time basis, or if you’re starting your own business, you’ll soon discover that your home might not immediately be the most productive environment.

There are so many elements that you’re likely to forget about when setting up your first home office, from the importance of finding the right chair, to choosing a printer/scanner sufficient for your needs. Self-storage company, Storebox recently created this infographic to help small business owners and home-workers to navigate their first time working from home. They’ve included some great advice, including making sure you make the effort to leave the house (it’s surprisingly easy not to!) and renting out extra storage space to either clear the spare room, or store your business stock.

Storebox Guide To Working From Home


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