UK working mums forced to work ill or injured

Businesswoman With Back Pain

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68% of working mums have gone into work ill or injured because they can’t afford time off!

A mum that falls ill/injured for more than 4 days will be paid the UK government statutory sick pay of £88.45 a week (even less once taxed). The average person’s monthly bills total £850, their sick pay income totals £350 a month, making the remainder needed to pay bills £500 a month.

47% of working mums that have gone through this, say they didn’t receive any other financial help towards this. Although the majority turn to partners for financial support during these times, not everyone has this option.

With the EU Referendum on June 23 fast approaching, and potential changes taking place as a result of the outcome, many Brits will looking at other European countries to compare the way they treat their workers.

conversation with a therapist
conversation with a therapist

First4lawyers surveyed 2000 employee’s to find out how many working mums feel forced into work when ill orinjured, how many feel their employees fully support them if they had to take time off, how much people THINK they would get paid if they was to fall ill for longer than 4 days, and what are the best and work industries/size companies to work in for sick pay policies, employee treatment and opinions.

Andrew Cullwick at First4lawyers added: “It is a real concern to see so many working Mum’s fearing taking time off from work if they are ill or injured. It is a false dichotomy to have people coming into work when sick and can often lead to more lost working time especially if sickness is contagious. Not only do we need to address the cultural issues that make people fear taking time off sick but action need to be taken to review what is paid when people are genuinely ill. In terms of what employers can do now to support their staff, schemes that give discounted gym membership, access to health care and other medical services (of which you can find out more about), are a great way to show that a company cares about the well-being of their staff.

Businesswoman With Back Pain
Businesswoman With Back Pain

“Fit and healthy employees are the life-blood of business and the UK economy. Businesses shouldn’t be just thinking about the whether they pay sick employees but how they can keep their staff fit and well and what they need to do to help them recover.”

Does your employer have a good, supportive policy for staff who are sick? Or do you find being ill has difficult financial consequences?

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