5 Traits of a ‘Perfect’ Cleaner

CleaningSo, you are considering a career in cleaning – but have you got what it takes?

Everybody has the ability to clean – even if we don’t want to, we have to do it to our own homes unless we want to live in filth. Then there are others who actually enjoy doing it and will clean to such an extent you could practically eat your dinner off their shiny surfaces.

But, if you want to make a career out of cleaning you need more than the ability to clean and you actually need more than just a love of it.

These are both important, of course, but to be a successful and ‘perfect’ cleaner, you must also have the following traits:

  1. Competency

You will encounter hazards working in cleaning and you need to be competent when it comes to dealing with these safely.

You will have to comply with health and safety laws and in certain situations you may need to carry out a risk assessment. This is important for your own safety, as well as the safety of those around you. Much of this will be common sense, which is why you must be competent.

There are courses you can take to show your understanding of this and most cleaning companies will provide relevant training.

2. A high level of fitness

Cleaning is a great work out and can burn a considerable amount of calories. Did you know, for example, that mopping the floor alone can burn 153 calories? But you must have a high level of fitness because you won’t just be mopping the floor – you will be on your feet, bending, kneeling and stretching into hard to reach places, all day.

If you are able to put in the elbow grease required without suffering from it – then this is perfect for you. If you have a bad back, or any ongoing aches and pains – then it definitely isn’t.

3. Good people skills

To be a good cleaner you must have good people skills. Whether you work for residential or commercial clients, you will be dealing directly with people.

You must be able to communicate with them effectively to ensure you understand and cater to their needs and take any criticism constructively.

4. A high level of consistency

You must have an eye for detail and be incredibly thorough. You are being paid to clean and therefore you mustn’t take any shortcuts to get the work done quicker.

You must be committed to cleaning the toughest of grime until it is sparkling. Clients expect the same level of cleanliness each and every time – if you don’t live up to their standards you risk losing them.

5. Trustworthiness

You will be trusted to go into people’s homes and offices, usually when they are not there and so you must be trustworthy. You may be required to undergo DBS Checks for certain jobs, so you might want to considering doing this yourself before you start job searching or approaching clients.

If you love cleaning and have got what it takes to make a career out of it, check out Molly Maid – where you can find out more about roles available, training and the benefits. Like what you see? Apply online and you could be working in your dream career before you know it!


This post is in association with Molly Maid

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