Top 10 gift ideas for Moomin Fans #SCMoomins

I’m really excited about going to see the Moomin Exhibition at the Southbank next month, and I know that my Moomin Calendar was one of my favourite Christmas gifts from the kids last year. So, in anticipation and to help people out with a few more gift ideas (hint, hint!) here are my choice of Moomin gifts!

  1. Let’s start with a couple of Christmassy Moomin ideas. First this cute garland. I love the idea of sparkly silver Christmas Moomins dancing across the room: I might hang it over my desk all year. It’s around £7, and the seller has lots of other cute silver garlands.

2. And I love this Scandi chiming candle holder – so cute! We had ‘angelchimes’ from a friend in Sweden when I was a child so even the sound of these bring back memories. The Moomin version is much cooler, though, and the characters make me smile every time I look at them. £10.97 at time of writing from the same seller as the garland.

3. If you are looking for a cute stocking filler, check out this mini colouring book. Its cover price is £5, but it is selling for much less from some places so do shop around. I’ve seen it for as little as 99p.

4. And every kiddie would love this soft cuddlesome Moomin to be peeking out of their stocking on Christmas Day. Okay, I’d love this too!

5. Right, this is the best selling Moomin gift this year apparently – it’s a lovely full size Moomin colouring book. Hours of fun on rainy days, the preview feature on Amazon shows you just the sort of pages you are getting. It is another book that seems to be sold with good discounts so shop around!

6. Something for the working Moomin fan:
check out this desk pad and have Moomins every day while you work.

7. And one for the grumpy Moomin in your life – do you think this Moomin on the mug is like me before coffee? The Moomin mug costs around £7 including delivery.

8. I’ve been redecorating my bedroom over the last few months. It’s mostly finished, with new wardrobes and lovely wood floors, but it’s looking a little plain. I think it needs a couple of Moomin cushions! I love the colours and think they would go with lots of different colour schemes. My only problem is going to be stopping my daughter pinching them!

9. A practical gift, for only £4, this bag looks strong and stylish and would make me smile when doing the shopping. I like the black background and straps, to go with everything without showing the dirt. Put this Moomin shopper in my stocking please Santa!

10. And last but not least, don’t forget where the Moomins came from. Start the kids off with a lifetime of love for the Moomins with any one of the books. This was originally published in 1945.  

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