Top stocking fillers and Christmas gifts for Pokémon fans

My youngest is still a big Pokémon fan. He and his school friends share tips, and with a couple of birthdays coming up as well as Christmas I’ve been checking out the Pokémon gifts on offer.

A friend recommended these Pokéballs to me – they come with a figure inside. The boys have one each. They’re not the cheapest ones, but they have a choice of balls and both the ones we received included a Pikachu. I’d buy these again … and you’ll see why if you read on.

We were sent this Pokémon Sticker book to review. It was really popular with my 7 year old son and his friend. It kept them busy while we waited for a meal in a restaurant, and there’s still more to do. There are lots of scenes to fill with Pokémon – K likes the waterfall scene best! This makes a really good low cost gift or stocking filler for a young Pokémon fan.

This one is for me! I have to admit I’m enjoying Pokémon Go more than I usually enjoy the boys’ choices of computer games. We often break up the journey back from school to hunt a Pokémon, or top up with balls. And we all get excited when we can evolve a new Pokémon. I also like the way you can ‘walk’ your Pokémon to earn extra candy, and my favourite Pokémon to walk is Eevee – simply because it looks so cute on my (virtual) shoulder! So one for my Christmas list – a plush Eevee.

This is something I’m tempted to get for a Christmas gift for all the family. I quite often get a new board game at this time of year, especially now the youngest is seven, nearly eight, and we can all play games at a similar level. The kids love playing Monopoly, and Pokémon Monopoly would be lots of fun on Christmas Day.

Travel through all eight gyms and battle all kinds of Pokémon in the Pokémon Kanto Edition of Monopoly. Buy, sell and trade with other trainers to collect the most powerful Pokémon team!

Christmas isn’t Christmas without an annual. My boys love annuals, and they share and read each others which keeps them happy and occupied for hours. K in particular goes back to read and re-read his annuals time and again which makes them great value. My only problem is going to be deciding who gets the Pokémon annual! Hopefully if I get a selection of bits from this list they can take turns!

This might work as an equivalent gift. The official Pokémon encyclopedia will appeal to both boys too. It’s got 272 pages of fun, facts and figures. We’ve had Lego enclopedia type books before, and both boys like non fiction, so this will definitely make my list.

I think this is going to be the older one’s dream gift. Computer games are often better than real life in his mind. They both love going back to play with the DS for a bit of retro fun, and their older sister often joins them so the Pokémon Moon game might well be one to share … or I could be generous and buy Pokémon Sun too.

As well as annuals, pyjamas are another classic Christmas gift, and K would love these Pokémon pyjamas.

So, back to the story of which Pokeballs to buy. The boys really liked their Pokéballs and wanted to spend their pocket money on another one each. I went back to Amazon, and top of the search were these ones, below. They were much cheaper – which should have warned me. They arrived within a couple of weeks but contained balls only, no figures. The shop has now vanished … watch out for this!


Following the success of the Pokéballs, I’ve sent off for something else for a Pokémon themed stocking filler. The first is a set of 144 Pokémon figures (not an official product at that price) and there is also a lot of 24 Pokémon Figures (from Pokémon Pearl rather than Pokémon Go). You may wonder quite what I’m going to do with so many of them … well, some might go in the boys stockings, but the other ones are going to the school fair for their luck dip!


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