5 Secrets to Immense Sales

Are you worried about how to make your first sale? A million questions can arise, starting from “What do I do to make my product stand out?” to “How exactly do I handle objections?” and so on. However there are always ways to work around this stumbling block:Reinvestment_1

  • Don’t focus on features, sell benefits: This is hands down one of the biggest mistakes that most entrepreneurs tend to make. The focus should be on what your product or service does, rather than what it is, which most people can see in any case. So that’s pretty much the key – to primarily focus on how your product is going to benefit the concerned consumer on an everyday basis.
  • Make sure that you differentiate your product: Now your business is bound to have a lot of competitors around after all so what’s the main reason why a customer should pick your products over them? Remember that you alone will have to give them the reason since most customers prefer not going out of their way to try something new. There should be at least 2-3 reasons like say for example, one food delivery company not only manages to deliver the food in 20 mins, but also steaming hot along with a complimentary water bottle will surely gain a sharp edge over its other competitors.
  • Fact to face interaction: Although this point may not sound all that probable, rest assured that it is very much necessary when you’re dealing with your first sale. After all you would want to go for the personal approach and there is no such shortcut to that. You certainly need to get one-on-one with your customers at least by phone, if not in person.
  • Be attentive on the second sale: Enough studies have proven the fact that at least 85% of sales are made as a result of word of mouth. Basically a satisfied customer telling his/her friends or family about the product at hand and then it’s just the word spreading from that moment onwards. In that regard you will need to aim all your efforts towards the stomping success of the second sale. And don’t forget to reward your loyal customers with something as pleasing as free promotional gifts
  • Show that you understand your clients needs by probing deeper: If the client happens to tell you that they’re specifically looking for efficiency and cost savings, then don’t go headlong into explaining how your product meets those expectations. Instead sit patiently and simply listen to whatever he/she has to say and most importantly, ask as many questions as you can since you need to thoroughly understand your client’s state of mind in order to position your product better. Image courtesy: https://www.linkedin.com/Ultimately this is quite the delicate process and a great deal of factors need to be kept in mind as well, provided you want your business to take off on a really good note. Of course, initially everything will be a challenge of sorts since you are just beginning the process of putting your business on the map. Learning to listen attentively to the talkings of your client and customer, following up as much as possible in order to create a sense of care and responsibility, and putting up a first-time incentive for your product in order to entice more of your customers are some of the few ways in which you can lift your service off the ground. Once that happens, your potential is limitless.

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