5 ways to make the internet safer for your kids

ffw250x250Today is Safer Internet Day, so read these five easy tips for parents on internet safety from the Department for Education and UK Safer Internet Centre

  1. Have an open and honest dialogue with children about staying safe online
  2. Encourage them to tell you which sites they might be using and talk to about anything they see online
  3. Set boundaries and make an agreement on what they can and cannot do online. If the agreement is broken, restrict internet access for an agreed period of time
  4. Read up on information available through schools and official sites, such as ParentInfo, to make sure you are aware of issues and armed with information
  5. Arm your children with advice:
  • Be careful what you say online. Respect others and do not retaliate or reply to offending e-mails, text messages or online conversations – leave the conversation
  • Be careful what pictures or videos you upload. Once a picture is shared online it cannot be taken back
  • Only add people you know and trust to friends/followers lists online


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