Have you taken solo paternity leave?

The Fatherhood Institute is encouraging dads to go it alone, and take parenting leave to look after their baby.

In a new book published this month, academics from around the world explore fathers’ experiences of substantial ‘solo care’, finding that such dads form closer long-term relationships with their children. They relish their competence as a parent, take much more responsibility for housework and care of the home – and this period of solo caring seems to be a tipping point, offering considerable potential for greater gender equality in the home. Read more here.

So…how can we encourage more dads to take ‘solo’ leave? Well Governments could do more to address the ‘fatherhood penalty’, via smarter parenting leave design. And employers can help too, by enhancing shared parental leave pay and promoting it explicitly to dads. Fatherhood Institute seminars and intranet content can help employers shift the workplace culture

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