Nearly a million zero hours contracts – good news or bad?


Office for National Statistics data released today (11 May 2017) shows that 905,000 people are on a zero-hours contract. People on these contracts are most likely to be young, part-time, women, or in full-time education when compared with other people in employment. Around one in three people (32 per cent) on a zero-hours contract say they want more hours.  Commenting, Young Women’s Trust chief executive Dr Carole Easton OBE said:

“Zero-hours contracts and low pay are leaving young people struggling to make ends meet. Budgeting, paying your bills and planning ahead can be impossible when you don’t know how much money you will have coming in each month.

“Zero-hours contracts, many of which exploit young women, are used far too often. Young Women’s Trust research shows that one in three young women has been offered a contract with no guaranteed hours. 30 per cent in work are worried about not having enough paid hours.

“Young Women’s Trust is calling on all political parties to give young women the support they need to find decent, secure work. It is asking the next government to invest in jobs and skills for young women, improve support at job centres and prevent employers being able to pay young people less money than older people for the same work.”

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