How to Keep Your MacBook in Great Condition

This post is in association with Fix Apple Now
This post is in association with Fix Apple Now

If you’ve invested in a MacBook, you want to make it last and keep it looking good and functioning well. No device lasts for ever, but if you follow these tips and pieces of advice for caring for your MacBook, you’ll get the most out of it and won’t have to replace it too soon.

How to clean your MacBook

Your choice of cloth is very important – it should be clean, very soft and lint-free, as well as only just damp. If you squeeze and wring the cloth as hard as you can and even one drop of water comes out, it’s too damp. When you’re cleaning the exterior of the MacBook, you should avoid any openings and joins – for example around the trackpad edge. You certainly should never spray any water or cleaner on the device either – just plain water. One good tip is not to use paper towels or even facial tissues on your MacBook, especially not on the screen, as they are too rough and abrasive.

You should also avoid glass cleaning sprays, LDC TV cleaning sprays and definitely nothing that contains alcohol or any other solvent. Just plain old water.

Look after your screen

Don’t jab at, press or use a pencil-end eraser on your screen as you can damage it permanently. You don’t want to spend your holiday looking for someone to do a MacBook repair in Miami when you should be on the beach, right?

You can brush your MacBook

Using a soft make-up or paint brush is a great way of getting dust and dirt out of the hinges, the keyboard, around the bezel and all the other nooks and crannies. Brushes sold for cleaning photographic lenses are always a good bet.

Don’t rest your MacBook on your bed

Placing your MacBook on your bed while it’s powered on can lead to it overheating as the bedding can easily block the air vents. You can buy a lapdesk that will enable you to work in bed if you want to

Remember, your MacBook isn’t a laptop

Your MacBook will get hot when it’s charging or when it’s in use, so if you’re using it for a while, it needs to go on a flat, stable surface that won’t block the vents. If you use it on your lap for any length of time, you may feel uncomfortable hot and it’s not unknown for the heat to cause actual burns. If you need to use your MacBook on your lap, that’s what the lapdesk is for.

Use a carry case everywhere

You shouldn’t just use a protective carry case for your MacBook when you’re out and about, you should use one at home as well. Many accidents happen at home – there’s the glass coffee table, or the tiles on your kitchen floor and they won’t be any kinder to your device than the mean concrete streets of a city. A good case can also protect your MacBook from sudden temperature changes, spills, humidity and excessive pressure. If you choose a case with a handle, you’ll also be much less likely to drop it.

Don’t just bundle your MacBook into your backpack

Make sure it’s cushioned well, either in an integral padded pouch in the bag or in a specialized case. Some people think that sandwiching their MacBook between a couple of books will protect it, but not only could the books damage the screen, if the bag is dropped or knocked, the books can slam into the device with disastrous results.


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