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Ten years ago I was studying to become a teacher when everything changed.  I was expecting my first child, a son, and could not have been more excited about his impending arrival.  I had had an earlier career that saw me travel the World, I met my husband and we were living happily overseas.  Jul, was born, motherhood certainly suited me, but within a short matter of time we realised that Jul, although content and in many ways flourishing, was poorly.  Jul would go on to have many illnesses which presented themselves in many ways, all difficult to watch and manage and even more challenging for Jul to suffer through.  It was during this time that I changed my major to nutrition, and health and wellness.  I was determined to be a stronger advocate for my child and his health.

Four years later Jul received a clear diagnosis, he had and will continue to live with an antibody deficiency but through nutrition and lifestyle changes, began and continues to thrive, as any kid should of his age.

By now I had completed my degree and also a counselling certification and began a new career helping others become more health aware.  I think I realised at this point that for me, the challenges I faced within my own family could effectively help the lives of others.

During my time overseas I have worked with members of royalty, was the director of a very successful health and food programme in an international school, within local communities and within the homes of many families and clients.

This Summer I returned back to the UK, to my home county, published my first book NOURISH, A Modern Mother’s Guide to Child Nutrition and founded Henrys Health, a wellness counselling practice and online forum dedicated to assisting others nurture health.  My services that include personalised health counselling for individuals and families can be taken alone, with all family members, or in a workshop or group setting.  Clients can also receive tailor made services that include the popular kitchen/pantry makeover and personal food and organic product shopping.

There is nothing I would rather do than what I am doing now, but working for yourself can be hard, but I am inspired by so many other women and entrepreneurs that I see.  My husband and family are all so supportive, which certainly helps and have encouraged me every step of the way.

Future goals include working more in schools, developing an online workshop for parents, reaching out in my local community, and making a YouTube family channel made by my family to yours.  Jul, now ten is fast becoming a young health advocate in this own right and I believe would be a real inspiration for children around his age.

To learn more about Henrys Health, to receive free advice and updates, or to work with me, please go to or get social with me on Facebook or Instagram



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