Three Luxury Cars That Are Also Suitable for Families

Many parents believe that when it comes to automobiles they must sacrifice luxury for practicality. Whilst it is true that the vehicle needs to be practical when you have little ones, there are still many luxury cars that are also suitable for families and will make family motoring both highly enjoyable and efficient.

Here are a few luxury cars that parents may want to consider:

Mercedes E-Class

The E-Class from highly-desirable German brand Mercedes is a sleek executive that is the perfect blend of style and comfort. With Mercedes Service A your vehicle will remain powerful on the road, running like new for years to come. As you would expect with Mercedes, the E-Class is a beautiful car to look at and provides a fantastic driving performance along with a premium interior. It is well-suited to families because of the refinement, size and comfort of the cabin. In addition to this, the E-Class offers class-leading CO2 levels and high returns for reasonable running costs. It can be expensive to buy new, but you could find one much cheaper in the used car market from somewhere like AA Cars.

BMW 7 Series

The BMW 7 Series is an excellent choice for parents seeking a luxury family car thanks to its huge interior size, comfort, refinement, technology and efficiency. The beautiful and roomy cabin ensures that the whole family can sit comfortably and enjoy the ride, which is furthered by the wide range of technology contained within. The 7 Series is also great fun to drive and surprisingly efficient for a car of this size with up to 60mpg for some models.

Range Rover

Active families will want to consider the mighty Range Rover SUV, which is a luxury 4×4 which combines the best of both worlds. It’s rugged off-road ability ensure that it will suit families on the go, but the roomy and practical interior along with impressive technology brings a heavy dose of luxury to this impressive automobile. The reclining seats make this highly-practical and ideal for families that often need to transport luggage in addition to little ones. As you would expect, Elite Car Seats for toddlers look incredible in this prestigous Range Rover. It is a regal looking SUV that is sure to turn heads.

These three automobiles are proof that you do not have to sacrifice luxury when looking to buy a family-friendly car. As you can see, it is possible to purchase a high-end vehicle that is also highly practical and lives up to the tough demands of family motoring.

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